Industrially Funded Research

Industrial Research Chairs

If your company's research interests are long term (ie. 5 years), your needs match closely with the expertise of a particular professor, and your company has a desire to create a long-term critical mass of expertise at a university, as well as ensure the availability of highly trained professionals for that field, then the creation of an NSERC Industrial Research Chair (IRC) may be appropriate. Visit the NSERC webpage for more information.

Research Contracts

Sponsored research contracts provide a company with specific deliverables and preferential terms to the intellectual property developed. They may involve use of laboratory facilities or can require solely the intellectual efforts of the university researchers.

Service Agreements

Service agreements are short-term testing or other simplified projects that do not involve research. Typically, they have a duration of 1 - 3 months at a cost of $500 - $10,000. These can be renewed when necessary.


We recommend that companies interested in a research contract or a service agreement contract contact the Faculty member whose research is most closely related to the problem that they wish to solve or the Associate Dean for Research and Innovation: benoit.boulet [at] (Prof. Benoit Boulet).

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