Accepting students

Applications, whether the status is "submitted" or "in review", are available to professors for admission evaluation.

  • Application files are sorted according to the applicant's first choice of research group.
  • The professors in each research group meet and consider together all the files allocated to them. Each professor individually accepts students who will enter the program under his or her supervision, with or without an offer of financial support.
  • The files of students who were not accepted by any professor are re-sorted according to the applicants second choice of research group.
  • The professors in each research group meet again to consider the new files allocated to them. Once again, each professor individually accepts students.

Note:  Applications with a status of "submitted" are incomplete and cannot be recommended for admission.

Departmental decisions

Admission decisions will be delivered within eight to ten weeks following the application deadline.

  • Applicants selected by a professor and approved by the Graduate Program Director will receive a letter confirming that a recommendation for graduate admission has been forwarded to Enrolment Services - Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS).  GPS will examine your dossier and, if approved, your official letter of acceptance will be available for viewing and printing two to three weeks later on uApply.
    • If you need to defer your admission to the following semester, you must submit your request on uApply before registration. Your request must include the reason for requiring a deferral.
  • Applicants who have not been selected for admission will be notified on uApply.
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