Software engineering

Cyber-physical systems

Runtime monitoring; design space exploration; formal assurance of dependability, safety and resilience; certification; self-adaptive smart systems.

Internet-scale software

Resource management in cloud computing; inter-cloud frameworks and management; software architectures for Internet-of-things; security and trust in Internet-of-things.

Mining software repositories

Mining the historical data that is produced during the development of software systems to yield actionable insights; data mining; statistical regression analysis; machine learning.

Model-driven engineering

Modeling languages; concerns, aspects, viewpoints; advanced separation of concerns; model queries and transformations; code generators; model-based analysis; model-based reuse; model management; concern-driven development.

Release engineering

Assembling, verifying, and delivering official releases of software systems from raw materials such as source code, documentation, configuration, and data files; build systems, release pipelines, continuous integration, deployment, and delivery.

Requirements engineering

Elicitation, specification, analysis and validation of requirements; model-driven requirements engineering; goal-oriented modeling; requirements reuse; User Requirements Notation (URN).


Software engineering group members Topics
Muthucumaru Maheswaran

Internet-scale software

Gunter Mussbacher

Model-driven engineering; requirements engineering

Lili Wei Software analysis and testing, empirical software engineering, mining code repositories.

Dániel Varró (Adjunct Professor)

Cyber-physical systems; model-driven engineering


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