Photonic Systems

McGill Photonic Systems Group professors Martin Rochette, Andrew Kirk, David Pla
McGill Photonic Systems Group professors Martin Rochette, Andrew Kirk, David Plant, Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur and Lawrence Chen

Micro-optics, nano-optics, and MOEMS

Diffractive and subwave-length scale structures for free-space optics and photonic integrated circuits; three-dimensional micro-optical systems for telecoms and optical interconnect applications; photonic bandgap structures; wavefront engineering; micro-optical systems which incorporate micro-mechanical components.

Nonlinear optics

Nonlinear optical processing components and devices for instrumentation, biomedecine and optical communications; ultrashort self-pulsating laser cavities and mid-infared laser cavitites; optical signal monitoring; second-order nonlinearity enhancement with periodical polling; parametric and Raman nonlinear gain media.

Optoelectronics, electro-optics, RF microelectronics, optical switching

Opto-electronic-VLSI for optical interconnects; electro-optic devices for telecommunications and instrumentation; vertically oriented optoelectronics (VCSELs, quantum wells); RF receiver design for agile, optical bust switched (OBS) networks; high speed device (optical, electrical, optoelectronic) packaging.

Ultrafast photonics and fiber optics

Femtosecond, picosecond, and multiwavelenght sources for telecommunications, instrumentation, and bio-photonics; optical pulse shaping and signal processing; optical amplifiers; microwave photonics; optical code-division multiple-access.

Photonic subsystems, systems, and networks

Implementation of agile all-photonic networks.

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Photonic systems group members

Primary members Secondary members
Lawrence Chen
Andrew Kirk
Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur
David Plant
Martin Rochette
Thomas Szkopek
Songrui Zhao


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