Graduate Studies

Message from the Associate Chair

On behalf of the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department of McGill University, let me extend to you a warm welcome to our graduate studies website, your portal to access information about graduate studies and graduate admission in our department.

You may have been brought to navigate these pages because of McGill's international reputation for research, based on its long standing tradition of excellence. I am convinced that you are quite right: McGill is a research-intensive university; and our department is at the forefront of this activity.

With topics ranging from machine learning to power distribution, from computer vision to photonic devices and nano-electronics, our research is both diverse and multidisciplinary. All our professors are active in their research community, and have garnered recognition for their commitment to excellence in research and graduate education. Graduate students are at the heart of all research innovations taking place in ECE; take some time to browse the web pages of our faculty members, and you will discover a wealth of exciting research projects, leading to innovative technologies and to high-level academic publications.

As a prospective graduate student in electrical and computer engineering, you have an opportunity to play a role in developing new technologies, discovering novel phenomena or designing revolutionary devices - graduate studies in electrical and computer engineering will open up new job opportunities, widen your technological culture and prepare you for a life-long career of innovation.

It is often said that graduate studies constitute a long journey; let me add that it is a fascinating and enriching one, a journey that will transform your perspective on knowledge, change you from a consumer of knowledge to a creator of knowledge. Ready to embark? Applying to ECE is just a few clicks away...

I look forward to welcoming you to McGill.

Benoit Champagne
Associate Chair, Graduate Programs Director

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