Systems and Control

Discrete-event, hybrid and hierarchical control

Discrete-event control systems, logic control, intelligent control; hybrid control theory; Hierarchical, decentralized and large-scale systems control.

Control of industrial, aerospace and automotive systems

Robust automotive and aerospace control systems, process control and manufacturing execution systems.

Nonlinear systems and optimal control

Geometric and algebraic nonlinear control, receding horizon and model predictive control, control of non-holonomic systems.

Robust control systems

H-infinity control, µ-synthesis, model validation, robust tunable control; control of retarded and neutral systems.

Stochastic and adaptive systems

Stochastic systems and control theory: filtering, estimation, optimization and adaptive control of stochastic systems.

Multisensor target tracking and data fusion methods

Multi-target tracking, pursuit evasion games, tracking of targets with low signal-to-noise ratio.

Systems and control group members

Benoit Boulet
Peter E. Caines
Aditya Mahajan
Hannah Michalska (Post-Retirement Professor)

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