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Intelligent Systems, Nano-electronic Devices and Materials, Power Engineering

Immediate Openings


Intelligent Systems

Machine Learning and Bioinformatics - There are openings for PhD and Master students in Prof. Emad's lab in the area of bioinformatics and machine learning. The projects involve developing novel computational methods and algorithms using techniques from machine learning, graph mining, statistical inference and graph theory, to address various problems in cancer genomics and pharmacogenomics. If you are interested in these areas, have a strong programming background, and have knowledge in machine learning, statistics or bioinformatics, contact Professor Amin Emad and include your CV (containing your GPA, publications, relevant courses, etc.).

Nano-electronic Devices and Materials

Prof. Zhao’s group in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at McGill University has graduate student and postdoc openings in the area of semiconductor nanostructures and electronic/optoelectronic devices. By joining the group, you will have the opportunity to access the state of the art semiconductor epitaxy tool and the newly upgraded semiconductor microfabrication facilities at McGill, to create groundbreaking micro/nanoscale light emitting devices, which could solve energy and environmental issues, among others. You will also have the opportunity to explore physics related to electrons, photons, and phonons by designing your own toy box – micro/nanoscaled semiconductor structures. If you have any questions regarding to these openings, please do not hesitate to send an email to Professor Songrui Zhao. Students/postdocs who are interested in modeling are also encouraged to apply!

Power Engineering

Post Doctoral, PhD and Master positions are currently available in the area of electric energy systems and electric motor drives, and specifically in microgrid control and operation, the integration of distributed energy resources into distribution systems, intelligent distribution grids and electric vehicle motor drive optimization. Students interested in these areas of study should contact Professor Geza Joos.

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