Nano-electronic devices and materials

Investigation of semiconductors and devices for optoelectronic applications including photovoltaic energy conversion and optical communications. Development of thin film transistors for electronic displays and imaging systems.

Applications of high temperature superconductors

Formation of ultra thin high critical temperature superconductor films by vacuum deposition methods. Study of optoelectronic properties of thin films for optical detection applications.

Nano materials and devices

Study of organic materials for nano junctions, transistor and light emitting devices. Development of nano devices by e-beam writing.

  • Molecular beam epitaxial growth of nanoscale semiconductors for electronic, photonic, and biochemical sensing applications
  • III-nitride nanowire heterostructures, including nanowires, quantum dots, and micro/nanotubes
  • Nanowire-based nanophotonic devices, including light emitting diodes, lasers, solar cells, thermoelectric devices, and photodetectors
  • Artificial  photosynthesis on nanowire arrays, including one-step solar-to-hydrogen conversion and photoreduction of carbon dioxide
  • Covalent and non-covalent functionalization of graphene field effect transistors for gas sensing, pH sensing, bolometry, thermoelectrics and other applications.
  • Graphene, graphene/boron-nitride heterostructures and suspended graphene for microwave electronics and other applications
  • Semiconductor heterostructures for cryo-refrigeration and spin caloritronics
  • Graphene/nano-particle composites for applications such as Li-ion battery anodes

Nano electronic devices and materials group members

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Thomas Szkopek
Songrui Zhao

Lawrence Chen
Cheng-Kuei Jen
Andrew Kirk
David Plant

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