Intelligent systems

Professor Frank Ferrie in the Robotics LabComputer vision

Image processing and analysis; medical image processing; sensory-based robotics; content-based image retrieval; face recognition and finding; visual attention in perception and motor control; perceptual stability; internet-based video processing; active vision; shape representation, visual reconstruction, object recognition; visualization, structure from motion; scale invariant shape modeling.

Human computer interaction


Non-traditional and multimodal interfaces; intelligent environments; shared reality telepresence; haptic devices and interfaces; haptic perception; tactile display devices; complex data set visualization. 


Mobile robotics; exploration and representation of unknown environments; representation and recognition of objects and environments; map representation, merging and navigation; multiple mobile robot collaboration; smart actuation and control.

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Intelligent systems group members

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Narges Armanfard
Tal Arbel
James J. Clark
Jeremy R. Cooperstock
Amin Emad
Frank Ferrie
Derek Nowrouzezahrai
AJung Moon
Martin D. Levine (Emeritus)

Gregory Dudek