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myCourses Winter 2011 courses available via link named “Instructors: Copy Fall 2010 courses”


Published: 11 Aug 2011

We are currently in the process of splitting the contents of myCourses into two locations, with the following result: recent and future courses will be located in the main myCourses link, and older courses will be stored in an archived location.  This process involves copying courses from Fall 2010 and later to the new location and removing them from the old one, which will become the archive.

At this stage in the process, we have created a temporary link called "Instructors: Copy Fall 2010 courses", which is primarily intended for instructors to be able to create their upcoming Fall 2011 courses based on the old Fall 2010 courses.

Some Winter 2011 courses are now also residing at this temporary link named "Instructors: Copy Fall 2010 courses".  If you cannot find your Winter 2011 courses via the regular myCourses link, try this temporary link.

On August 19, the temporary link will disappear and the new myCourses link will contain Fall 2010, Winter 2011 and the newly created Fall 2011 courses.  Another link named myCourses - Archives will contain older courses. However, for a short period Summer 2011 courses will be accessible on the myCourses - Archives location (until they are copied to the new location).

Another announcement will be posted prior to the August 19 maintenance downtime.

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