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CIHR University Delegates News, October 11 Update


Published: 15 Oct 2012

The following update has been prepared by Dr. Marianna Newkirk, Associate Dean (Research) and McGill's CIHR University Delegate. For any questions, Dr. Newkirk can be reached at marianna [dot] newkirk [at] mcgill [dot] ca.


Open operating grant competition (September)

  • 2333 applications received (up from March 2012). CIHR is expected to fund 400.

Common CV

  • Available on the CIHR CCV help site is a video which will provide assistance to reviewers; also running webinars.
  • Ability for the PI to view the final version of their CV or the CVs of co-applicants at the grant submission stage is still an issue and this concern has been transmitted to the team working on it.
  • CIHR is very aware that this was a nightmare for all and that it reflected very badly on them.


CIHR Reforms

  • The next version of the design plan will be available widely in December 2012.
  • Anticipated changes compared to the earlier version include:
    • Program style application: process still three-stage with two levels of “triage” and final stage is a face-to-face.
    • Project style application: process will be a two-stage, where the idea and the track record of the PI, as well as feasibility, will be evaluated at stage 1 where the major triage will occur with a face-to-face at stage 2. This is a change that is the result of all the feedback that they have received.
    • Evaluations at the face-to-face meetings will focus on those applications that fall in the grey zone, i.e. they won’t invest time on the triaged or truly exceptional applications.
  • Given their experience with the CCV, they will ensure that the IT platforms used will be really robust prior to roll out.
  • Earliest date now for a full roll out is anticipated for March 2014. They will likely pilot a component in the September 2013 OOGC.


Restructuring at CIHR

  • Given the budget reduction to CIHR, layoffs have occurred and there has been a reshuffling of the programs and the people responsible.
  • The CIHR website is up to date with all the changes.



  • Launch of some components of this program will be in early November.

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Contact: Marianna Newkirk, PhD
Organization: McGill University
Source Site: /research
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