Industrial and Labour Relations

The Arts Internship course allow students to gain experience in areas relevant to their field of study; allowing students who pursue approved internships to gain up to 3 credits towards their degrees. Arts internships involve a minimum of 150 hours of work, normally over a period of 8-12 weeks in a host institution approved by the Arts Internship Office.

Eligibility Requirements

For more details on the INDR 499 course requirements, please consult the Industrial Relations website.

Steps to Getting Approval for Internship Credit

Once the internship position has been confirmed, follow the steps listed on the AIO website (Steps to Getting Approval for Internship Credit)All steps should be completed well in advance of the start of your internship. No approval will be granted after you have started your internship.



A grade for the internship will be assigned by the academic supervisor, based on the agreement initially made between the student and the academic supervisor.


Industrial and Labour Relations Advising
For departmental contact information, please visit the department's contact page via this link.

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