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The Russian Studies Internship Project is designed to assist McGill undergraduate students in the Department of Russian Studies in their search for a first career related work experience. These internships can also give students the opportunity to improve their Russian language skills and explore the Russian community at home and abroad. Internships may last from eight weeks to four months, and perhaps longer. A database has been created to assist students with their search.

Once you have secured an internship position, complete the steps below if you wish to obtain internship course credit. The Arts Internship requires approval before the beginning of the internship. Please use the web form (Internship Academic Credit Application Web Form) to submit your documents to the Arts Internship Office. The Faculty of Arts Internship Course Credit Approval Form (found in webform), must be signed by:

  1. the Academic Supervisor,
  2. the Faculty of Arts Internship Officer
  3. the Department
  4. the student

Internship Resources


Applicants are encouraged to apply for listed internship possibilities through the McGill University Internship Office. All undergraduate students in the Department of Russian Studies at McGill University who share a proven academic interest in the Russian Federation and/or the former Soviet Union are invited to apply. Credit will not be offered for internships.

Click here to access the database of internship opportunities. Please note that a valid McGill ID and Minerva Pin are required to access the database.

List of Organizations that Have Hosted Interns in the Past (PDF Files)

These files include information about host organizations we have found that do not have established internship programs. They are an excellent resource for students by providing the names, contact person(s), and contact information for many organizations and institutions around the world.

Russian Studies Internships Database [.pdf]


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