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Department of Anthropology (ANTH 499) Internship
Eligibility Requirements
Proposing an Internship

Department of Anthropology Internship

Arts Internships allow students in the Faculty of Arts to gain experience in areas relevant to their fields of study. Arts internships involve a minimum of 150 hours over a period of 12 weeks with an approved host organization. Students are required to submit documentation of the internship experience and a topical paper discussing the internship from an academic perspective.

Once you have secured an internship position, complete the steps below if you wish to obtain internship course credit. The Arts Internship requires approval before the beginning of the internship. Please use the web form (Internship Academic Credit Application Web Form) to submit your documents to the Arts Internship Office. The Faculty of Arts Internship Course Credit Approval Form, must be signed by:

  1. the Academic Supervisor,
  2. the Faculty of Arts Internship Officer, and
  3. the Department Program (Undergraduate Program Coordinator)


Eligibility Requirements

Open to U2 and U3 students, normally after completing 30 credits of a 90 credit program or 45 credits of a 96 to 120 credit program. A minimum CGPA of 3.2, and advance permissions from the Arts Internship Office and the Anthropology Department (see approvals list below). This course usually does NOT fulfill program requirements for a seminar or a 400-level course. A letter from the supervisor from the institution must attest to successful completion of the student’s tenure. Students must also satisfy requirements established by the Arts Internship Office, found here.

Proposing an Internship

Students wishing to undertake an internship must review the available internships at the Arts Internship Office and seek only accredited and/or approved internship sites. The AIO has many opportunities for students that have already been vetted and where students have completed successful projects in the past. This must be done in the semester PRIOR to undertaking the internship including obtaining all necessary signatures and approvals.


  1. An outline of the proposed internship, including specific discussion of “learning goals”, “activities”, and “means of evaluation”.
  2. A description of the organization including the name of your onsite supervisor.
  3. A LETTER from your onsite-supervisor indicating the willingness of their agency to assume the task of supervision and assessment of your performance.
  4. A short 1-page proposal in anticipation of your final 15-18-page research paper. This paper is completed after the internship and during your ANTH 499 semester and must receive a grade no lower than a B.
  5. The completed Faculty of Arts Internship Course Credit Approval Form (available here).

Please note: Students MUST register for ANTH 499: Internship, the term following completion of their internship.


  1. Actual internship supervisor who is onsite;
  2. Arts Internship Office;
  3. Anthropology full-time faculty member (graduate students and postdoctoral fellows cannot supervise an internship) who will be responsible for evaluating the ANTH 499 approved research paper;
  4. Anthropology Department Internship Advisor -- whom you should approach for final approval, only AFTER steps 1-3 are complete. Prof. Sandra Hyde will approve your forms ONLY on Tuesday 2-4pm in 818 Leacock.

Please note: The "Student Acceptance" form must be completed and signed for Approval Forms to be processed as incomplete forms will not be accepted.


A grade for the internship will be assigned by the academic supervisor, based on the agreement initially made between the student and the academic supervisor.

Human Subject Research

Course-based research projects that require students to conduct human subject research must receive ethics review and approval. To view the "Policy on the Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Human Subjects" and to complete the necessary paperwork please visit the Human Subject Research website.

Please note, no research project, including student research may begin before approval has been obtained from the Research Ethics Board. No research project will be granted retroactive approval.


Department Contact

Department of Anthropology Administrative Office
For departmental contact information, please click here.

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