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McGill's Department of German Studies is working closely with the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Internship Office to develop internship resources for German Studies students. An internship is a great way for a student to transfer academic knowledge into practice in an everyday workplace environment. The acquisition of practical skills and immersion into a German speaking organization is invaluable to students who hope to one day establish contacts in their field of study.

Once you have secured an internship position, complete the steps below if you wish to obtain internship course credit. The Arts Internship requires approval before the beginning of the internship. Please use the web form (Internship Academic Credit Application Web Form) to submit your documents to the Arts Internship Office. The Faculty of Arts Internship Course Credit Approval Form (found in webform), must be signed by:

  1. the Academic Supervisor,
  2. the Faculty of Arts Internship Officer
  3. the Department 
  4. the student

Once the internship has been approved, the student is responsible for follow-up and completion of the project as agreed upon with their academic supervisor.

The Faculty of Arts Internship Office

The Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Internships Office created this website to serve students as a resource for exploring internship opportunities in their fields of interest. German Studies students have access to a database of internship opportunities specific to the field.

Click here to access the database of internship opportunities. Please note that a valid McGill ID and Minerva Pin are required to access the database.

Other Internship Opportunities:


Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures Administrative Office
For departmental contact information, please click here.

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