The Department of Sociology has established an internship program for undergraduate students. Government, NGO and private-sector placements are eligible. It is not expected that interns will receive payment for work undertaken during their placement, although sponsoring organizations are free to offer remuneration if they wish.

Internships consist of a minimum of 150 hours of work as an intern, plus a major research project based on the internship. The major project shall ordinarily consist of a research paper related to the student’s placement.

Internship placements can be arranged in any term, or may stretch over two terms; the Department expects that many will be completed over the summer months. Because of the heavy workload involved, students should be wary of coupling an internship course with a full course load.

Once you have secured an internship position, complete the steps below if you wish to obtain internship course credit. The Arts Internship requires approval before the beginning of the internship. Please use the web form (Internship Academic Credit Application Web Form) to submit your documents to the Arts Internship Office. The Faculty of Arts Internship Course Credit Approval Form (found in webform), must be signed by:

  1. the Academic Supervisor,
  2. the Faculty of Arts Internship Officer
  3. the Department (Undergraduate Program Coordinator)
  4. the student

Registering for an Internship

Please note that the restrictions/prerequisites and corequisites must be fulfilled before a student is permitted to register for this course. Once these conditions are met, the student will then register for the course on Minerva. After obtaining permission/the override permit from your academic supervisor and the Arts Internship Officer, please ask the Undergraduate Program Coordinator for a password which will allow you to register. 

SOCI 499

Restriction/Prerequisite/Corequisite/Equivalent Courses:
Open to U2 and U3 students with a minimum CGPA of 2.7 and permission of the department internship advisor. This course will normally not fulfill program requirements for seminar or 400 level courses. A letter from the supervisor from the institution must attest to successful completion of the student’s tenure.

The internship shall consist of a total of 150 hours of work with an approved host institution or organization, plus documentation of the internship, experience and a major topical paper that discusses an aspect of the internship from an academic perspective.


A grade for the internship will be assigned by the academic supervisor, based on the agreement initially made between the student and the academic supervisor.


Department of Sociology Administrative Office
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