Open to U2 or U3 students, normally after completing 30 credits of a 90 credit program or 45 credits of a 96 to 120 credit program, normally with a minimum CGPA of 2.7, and permission of the departmental Internship Advisor. Arts internships involve a minimum of 150 hours of work with an approved host institution or organization. Students are required to submit a major topical paper that discusses an aspect of the internship from an academic perspective. Studenst must satisfy the requirements as outlined

To access the Faculty of Arts Internship for Academic Credit Form, please visit this page (General Resources -> Forms).

Once you have secured an internship position, complete the steps below if you wish to obtain internship course credit. The Arts Internship requires approval before the beginning of the internship. Please use the web form (Internship Academic Credit Application Web Form) to submit your documents to the Arts Internship Office. The Faculty of Arts Internship Course Credit Approval Form (found in webform), must be signed by:

  1. the Academic Supervisor,
  2. the Faculty of Arts Internship Officer
  3. the Department
  4. the student

Students wishing to undertake an internship must complete a Faculty of Arts Internship Course Credit Approval Form (available in webform) accompanied by a formal proposal well in advance of the proposed starting date. The form must be signed by both the Faculty of Arts Internship officer and the supervising professor. The proposal must then be approved by the Department Chair.

Departmental Requirements

  • Students must have completed a minimum of 12 credits in Linguistics before undertaking an internship. It is up to students to find suitable host institutions. The department does not provide a list of such institutions.
  • Before undertaking an internship, students must find a faculty member in Linguistics who is willing to be their internship advisor. A proposal must be written by the student and approved by the internship advisor BEFORE the internship begins. Students must maintain regular contact with their advisor over the course of the internship. The internship will normally be completed in the summer but students will officially register for the internship course, LING 499, in the following fall term. The major topical paper, to be completed in the term in which the student is enrolled in Ling 499, will be assigned a letter grade (not pass/fail). Students will normally be permitted to complete only one internship in Linguistics; should an additional internship be deemed to be particularly appropriate to the student's course of studies, the student can petition the department to complete a second internship; if the student's request is approved by the department, the second internship course will count as an elective.
  • Students must complete the Faculty of Arts Internship Course Credit Approval Form (available in webform).


Department of Linguistics Administrative Office
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