What is AMI?

The Faculty of Arts Internship Mentorship Initiative (AMI) was created in collaboration with the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) to form a student network of past and future interns. Students who have completed internships in the past (AMI Mentors) will guide students who want to apply for an internship or internship funding through the Arts Internship Office. The goal is to foster a more in-depth, personalized mentor-mentee relationship between students.  

How does it work? 

Students returning from past AIO internships or ARIA research and received funding from the Faculty of Arts Internship Office are matched with mentees who have signed up for the program. Our signup sheet matches mentees based on their preferences (your field of study or internship industry that interests you) to prospective mentors.  

We will match mentors and mentees on a rolling basis and will notify the matching results by email. Once matched, there will be events and opportunities for mentors and mentees meet each other.  Students will be able to foster in depth relationships from peers with specific knowledge pertaining to internship success.  

Eligibility and Expectations


Students who have successfully completed an internship or received internship awards through the Faculty of Arts Internship Office can sign up for AMI mentors.    

As mentors, students will also receive an official extra-curricular recognition on My Involvement, practice leadership and interpersonal skills through coaching, communication, active listening, and help a fellow Arts student on their professional and career path. Guidance email will be sent to mentors to help them to be a good mentor.  

AMI Mentors are expected to: 

  • Communicate with your mentee(s) as soon as you receive their coordinates 
  • Schedule at least one meeting with your mentee(s) 
  • Listen actively and answer their questions  
  • Share your internship insights and be open to give advice 
  • Share your personal experience in a way to evoke mentee(s)’s reflection rather than give specific advice 
  • Don’t hesitate to re-contact your mentee even when you haven’t heard from them in a while 


All McGill Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Arts&Science students are eligible to sign up as a mentees.  

How to apply 

Students can apply to be either a mentee or mentor on a rolling basis by filling out the application form found on our website. Matching results will be notified by email.


AMI Meet and Greet 

Virtual Event. All Welcome.

October 16th, 2020. 11:00am-12:00pm Eastern Time.  

Facebook Event.

At this event, students who have completed internships in the past (AMI Mentors) guided students who want to apply for an internship or internship funding through the Arts Internship Office. The goal was to foster a mentor-mentee relationship. 

To find out more AMI events, please visit Event Calendar

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