Simon Grandjean Lapierre

Simon Grandjean Lapierre, MD, M.Sc., FRCPC

Associate Professor in the Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Immunology Department of Université de Montréal

Clinical-investigator position at the Montreal University Hospital Research Center (CRCHUM)

Visiting researcher at Institut Pasteur de Madagascar


Telephone :   514 890-8000 # 20935
simon.grandjean-lapierre [at]



Tubeculosis Care and Research

Simon Grandjean Lapierre completed a MD at Université de Sherbrooke and residency training in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology at Université de Montréal. He also completed a MSc in molecular diagnostics applied to mycobacteria at Université Aix-Marseille and then did post-doctoral training in sequencing-based TB diagnostics implementation and novel technologies in Global Health in Madagascar. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Immunology Department of Université de Montréal and holds a clinical-investigator position at the Montreal University Hospital Research Center (CRCHUM).

Simon Grandjean Lapierre directs a translational research program focusing on methods development in TB diagnostics and the linkage of molecular epidemiology and new technologies including digital cough monitoring to public-health interventions in remote settings of Madagascar. His research is supported by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and the Wellcome Trust.


Sequencing-based diagnostics

Molecular epidemiology

Technologies & public health

Social network analysis


Acoustic epidemiology

Selected Publications

Lapierre, S. G., Knoblauch, A. M., Randriamanana, D., Raherison, M. S., Rakotoson, A., Raholijaona, B. S., ... & Rakotomanana, F. (2020). Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis surveillance and cascade of care in Madagascar: a five-year (2012–2017) retrospective study. BMC medicine, 18(1), 1-14.


Hunt, M., Bradley, P., Lapierre, S. G., Heys, S., Thomsit, M., Hall, M. B., ... & Comas, I. (2019). Antibiotic resistance prediction for Mycobacterium tuberculosis from genome sequence data with Mykrobe. Wellcome Open Research, 4.


Rakotosamimanana, N., Lapierre, S. G., Raharimanga, V., Raherison, M. S., Knoblauch, A. M., Raherinandrasana, A. H., ... & Rasolofo, V. (2019). Performance and impact of GeneXpert MTB/RIF® and Loopamp MTBC Detection Kit® assays on tuberculosis case detection in Madagascar. BMC infectious diseases, 19(1), 1-8.


Bahrainwala, L., Knoblauch, A. M., Andriamiadanarivo, A., Diab, M. M., McKinney, J., Small, P. M., ... & Grandjean Lapierre, S. (2020). Drones and digital adherence monitoring for community-based tuberculosis control in remote Madagascar: A cost-effectiveness analysis. PloS one, 15(7), e0235572.


Nouvet E, Knoblauch AM, Passe I, Andriamiadanarivo A, Ravelona M, Ramtariharisoa FA, Razafimdriana K, Wright PC, McKinney J, Small PM, Rakotosamimanana N. and Lapierre, S.G. Perceptions of drones, digital adherence monitoring technologies and educational videos for tuberculosis control in remote Madagascar: a mixed-method study protocol. BMJ open. 2019 May 1;9(5):e028073.

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