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Regular TB screening cost-effective way to prevent spread in vulnerable areas: study

The Toronto Star


Le dépistage de la tuberculose permettrait d’empêcher la propagation de la maladie L'Actualité 01.11.2021

Alveolar macrophages from persons living with HIV show impaired epigenetic response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis

The Journal of Clinical Investigation 02.09.2021



COVID-19 caused substantial disruptions to essential health services in most countries

News Medical Life Sciences 07.09.2020

Tuberculosis Resurgence Noticed Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Public Health Experts Issue Warning

Latin Times 26.08.2020

As world grapples with coronavirus pandemic, tuberculosis is having a resurgence

South China Morning Post 25.08.2020

How to stop COVID-19 fuelling a resurgence of AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis

Nature Editorials 12.08.2020

Journalists Need To Get It Right: Epidemiology Training Can Help

Forbes 09.08.2020

Covidization of research: what are the risks?

Nature Medicine 27.07.2020

Fighting The Good Fight: Outbreak Lessons From Kerala And Malaysia

Forbes 26.07.2020

Canada Research Chairs Program announces new and renewed chairs for McGill Profs

McGill NewsRoom 09.07.2020

TB during COVID-19

The Hindu 27.06.2020

Ensuring continuity of tuberculosis care during the covid-19 crisis

BMJ Opinion 25.06.2020

Nine McGill COVID-19 projects to receive CIHR funding

McGill NewsRoom 25.06.2020

Inspiring Global Health Films

Nature Microbiology 20.06.2020

How Covid is making it tougher to tackle TB, AIDS, malaria and child health

The Print 18.06.2020
Why a decades-old TB vaccine is getting attention in the fight against Covid-19 Stat 14.04.2020

BCG Against Coronavirus: Less Hype And More Evidence, Please

Forbes 12.04.2020

Global Health Needs To Be Global & Diverse

Forbes 08.03.2020

AIDS, TB And Malaria: Coronavirus Threatens The Endgame

Forbes 29.03.2020

COVID-19 Coronavirus And Tuberculosis: We Need A Damage Control Plan

Forbes 17.03.2020

Let’s Worry About Diagnostic Capacity, Not Just During Outbreaks

Forbes 19.02.2020
McGill researchers get $33M in CIHR Project Grant funding McGill Reporter 30.01.2020

Record Funding For Global Health Research, But Neglected Tropical Diseases Remain Neglected

Forbes 29.01.2020
Reaching beyond the hallowed halls of academe McGill Reporter 07.01.2020



Lessons from market tweak on TB test

The Telegraph 01.12.2019
AIDS Activism, A Playbook For Global Health Advocacy Forbes 30.11.2019

Lack of equity and diversity still plague global health research

The Conversation 21.11.2019
Global Health Research Needs More Than A Makeover Forbes 10.11.2019
Fighting TB: Slow Progress should ignite Action Forbes 17.10.2019
Technical consultation on latent TB infection management: Research for scale-up and target regimen profiles WHO 19.09.2019
Better Therapies For TB Are Here, But They Will Not Deliver Themselves Forbes 15.08.2019
WHO List of Essential Tests Gets An Upgrade Forbes 09.07.2019

Community pharmacists can help track tuberculosis patients, study finds

The Indian Express 28.05.2019
Drug-Resistant TB: A Clear And Present Danger Forbes 07.05.2019
It’s Time to End Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis The Economist 07.05.2019

Ending TB among Canada’s Indigenous peoples: treat the fundamental causes, not just the disease

The Hill Times 29.04.2019
Gender Inequality Is Seriously Harming the Global Fight Against Tuberculosis Global Citizen 18.04.2019
Dick Menzies receives Distinguished Lecturer Award McGill Reporter 11.04.2019

Des chercheurs montréalais s'affairent à éradiquer la tuberculose

La Presse 29.03.2019
A human-rights approach is essential to end the global TB epidemic The Conversation 29.03.2019

We Have A New Roadmap To A World Without Tuberculosis

The Huffington Post 21.03.2019
Four Burning Questions for Madhukar Pai and Dick Menzies on World TB Day Med e-News 26.03.2019
Confronting a killer: a new article about the McGill TB Centre

Med e-News



Madhukar Pai at the Climbing Ladders event by TEDxMcGill  TEDxMcGill 2018 - Climbing Ladders 24.11.2018
Percée canadienne aux répercussions mondiales dans le traitement contre la tuberculose RCI Radio Canada International 02.11.2018
Tuberculosis fight to get $13B USD a year CBC Radio Canada International  27.09.2018
Madhukar Pai invited to first-ever UN High Level Meeting on Tuberculosis MED e-News 26.09.2018
New study uncovers vast variation and significant deficits in tuberculosis care in urban India MED e-News 25.09.2018
Madhu Pai interview on global health advocacy and the UNHLM to End TB BMC Backstory 20.09.2018
‘Latent’ Tuberculosis? It’s Not That Common, Experts Find The New York Times 20.09.2018
Complete make-over in fight of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis EurekAlert 06.09.2018
Complete make-over in fight of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis Medical XPress 06.09.2018
Complete make-over in fight of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis MED e-News 07.09.2018
Complete make-over in fight of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis MUHC newsroom 07.09.2018
Quatre mois suffisent désormais pour soigner la tuberculose latente 05.09.2018
August winner of the Relève étoile Jacques-Genest award MED e-news 05.09.2018
“Game changer” in TB treatment out of MUHC Breakfast Television 31.08.2018

Study challenges 'walking timebomb' view of TB

The Telegraph 23.08.2018
Have we misunderstood TB's timeline? BMJ talk medicine 23.08.2018
WHO announces landmark changes in MDR-TB treatment regimens WHO 17.08.2018
Canadian researchers revealed more effective TB treatment GMP News 02.08.2018
New treatment for latent TB could help eradicate global epidemic The Health Site 03.08.2018
Research reveals better results from shorter treatment of latent TB Life Health Professional 03.08.2018
Latent Tuberculosis Cured Better With the Shorter Treatment Regime Med India 03.08.2018
New tuberculosis drug could help eradicate global killer Pharmaphorum  02.08.2018
Latent TB Treatment: Shorter is Better McGill Newsroom 02.08.2018
Latent TB treatment: Shorter is better Health medicine Network 01.08.2018
New tuberculosis treatment could help tackle global epidemic Yahoo News 01.08.2018
Latent TB treatment: Shorter is better Medicine NewsLine 01.08.2018
Montréal révolutionne la lutte contre la tuberculose Journal de Montréal 01.08.2018
A better way of treating TB: McGill doctor develops new standard The Montreal Gazette 01.08.2018
Latent TB Treatment: Shorter is Better McGill University Health Centre Newsroom 01.08.2018
Canada's Indifference To Tuberculosis Has Put Inuit At Great Risk The Huffington Post 24.07.2018
Une réflexion mondiale, une action locale  Le Spécialiste - Fédération des medecins spécialistes du Québec juin 2018
Indigenous people deserve better PressReader - The Gazette 28.06.2018
Developing Diagnostics for Global Health Nature Microbiology 25.06.2018
(Part 2) Interactive civil society hearing on the fight against tuberculosis - Dr. Madhukar Pai speaks at 13m27s UN Web TV 04.06.2018
We Need To Science The Shit Out Of Tuberculosis The Huffington Post 07.06.2018
Inuit leader sounds alarm about tuberculosis epidemic in the North The Gazette 02.06.2018
Éliminer la tuberculose chez les Inuit d'ici 2030: un objectif ambitieux Quebec Science 01.06.2018
If we care about fake news, we should also care about fake medicines Nature Microbiology 31.05.2018
TUBERCULOSE : Apprendre à tolérer plutôt que combattre la bactérie Santé Log 31.05.2018
For First Time, W.H.O. Names Some Lab Tests ‘Essential’ NY Times 21.05.2018
Au delà de l’éradication de la tuberculose… Technoscience 22.05.2018
Insights from an inspiring global health leader Nature Microbiology 21.05.2018
Beyond killing tuberculosis: How can we tolerate an infection without eliminating a pathogen? Brinkwire 17.05.2018
Beyond killing tuberculosis McGill Reporter 17.05.2018
TB infections: Developing tolerance vs.the battle to resist Radio Canada International 14.05.2018
Percée montréalaise en tuberculose La Presse 14.05.2018
Beyond killing tuberculosis Health Canal 14.05.2018
Tolerating an infection far more beneficial than simply killing it: Study Deccan Chronicle 13.05.2018
Beyond killing tuberculosis: How can we tolerate an infection without eliminating a pathogen? Medical Express 11.05.2018
Beyond killing tuberculosis MUHC Newsroom 11.05.2018
The Science of Improvement: TB Cannot Afford to Lag Behind Nature Microbiology 06.05.2018
Ego is the Enemy, especially for Academics Nature Microbiology 31.03.2018
Tuberculose : une percée scientifique majeure ICI Radio Canada 24.03.2018
Wanted: Leaders for a TB-free world RI-MUHC Live 24.03.2018
Avis de recherche: chefs de file pour un monde exempt de tuberculose Huffpost 24.03.2018
A new app for nutritional assessment & counselling of patients with TB Nature Microbiology 23.03.2018
New app to assess nutrition, provide counselling for tuberculosis patients The Indian Express 23.03.2018>
#TalkTB – Catch up on the Twitter chat for World TB Day Infectious Diseases Hub 21.03.2018
Madhukar Pai: TB and global health expert BMJ Confidential 21.03.2018<
Hope rises for a world free of TB  The Conversation - Printed in the National Post and McGill Reporter 20.03.2018
India's tuberculosis research contributions get international recognition Nature Microbiology 13.03.2018
Eniethi’nikonhraiéntho’: “We’ll plant a seed in their minds”  Med-e News 09.03.2018
Meet RIPK3: Good Cop, Bad Cop, all rolled in one McGill Reporter 15.02.2018
Delamanid—a broken dream for patients with MDR-TB? TheBMJOpinion 28.01.2018
Re-programming innate immune cells to fight tuberculosis McGill Reporter 11.01.2018
The stigma of Tuberculosis is a harsh reminder of the social injustices faced by women The Indian Express 08.01.2018
A free TB resource for primary care providers Nature Microbiology 06.01.2018


Surrogate endpoints in global health research: searching for silver bullets? Nature Microbiology 18.12.2017
Childhood tuberculosis: Montreal researchers advancing the fight Radio Canada International  06.12.2017
To end the HIV epidemic, we need to close the innovation gap Nature Microbiology 01.12.2017
McGill International TB Centre supports innovative initiatives in high-burden regions McGill Reporter 29.11.2017
To eliminate TB, we need new tools and investments! Nature Microbiology 17.11.2017
We cannot End TB without political commitment Nature Microbiology 16.11.2017
Combating Tuberculosis Stigma: The time is now Nature Microbiology 14.11.2017
A Deep Dive into India’s Health Nature Microbiology 14.11.2017
TB patients endure tortuous pathways and broken care cascades Nature Microbiology 07.11.2017
Fighting TB stigma: we need to apply lessons learnt from HIV activism BMJ Global Health 02.11.2017
2017 Global TB Report: A Story of Dead and the Missing Nature Microbiology 30.10.2017
Mystery patients reveal weaknesses of tuberculosis care in rural China Nature Microbiology 20.10.2017
India's ambitious new plan to conquer TB needs cash and commitment National Post 04.10.2017
India's ambitious new plan to conquer TB needs cash and commitment The Conversation 03.10.2017
Predatory Conferences Undermine Science And Scam Academics Nature Microbiology 04.10.2017
Opinion: How can immigrant scientists give back to their homelands? Devex 22.09.2017
Punching Below Its Weight: India’s Progress Towards Health-Related SDG Goals The Wire 21.09.2017
Confronting a global killer CIHR Celebrates Canada's 150 19.09.2017
In Desperate Need Nature Microbiology 08.09.2017
Tapping Bollywood to improve sanitation in India Nature Microbiology  25.08.2017
Books and book chapters in medicine: is the juice worth the squeeze? Nature Microbiology 10.08.2017
New MUHC study calls for targeted screening of high-risk healthcare workers for tuberculosis McGill Reporter 31.07.2017
New MUHC study calls for targeted screening of high-risk healthcare workers for tuberculosis The Gazette 31.07.2017
New MUHC study calls for targeted screening of high-risk healthcare workers for tuberculosis MUHC Newsroom 31.07.2017
Reducing time for TB diagnosis Education Times 10.07.2017
Tuberculosis makes the G20 declaration Nature Microbiology Post 08.07.2017
Tuberculosis Survivors Give Us A Much-Needed Perspective Huffington Post Blog 29.06.2017
If India Was Serious About TB, We Would Not Have Such A Staggering Disease Burden IndiaSpend 26.06.2017
Misuse of antibiotics is leading to dangerous resistance The Globe and Mail  20.06.2017
Tuberculosis innovations mean little if they cannot save lives eLife 30.05.2017
Bridging The Gap Between Tuberculosis Innovation And Access Huffington Post Blog 02.05.2017
Time for a quality revolution in tuberculosis care; 10th Annual George W. Comstock Lecture YouTube 18.04.2017
10 Things to Prioritise to Achieve TB Elimination by 2025 The Quint 10.04.2017
This NIH program is crucial to global health. And its future is in danger Stat 29.03.2017
79% fewer cases by 2025, five times more funding: What the draft TB control plan is targeting  Industan Times 27.03.2017
Opinion: In India, eliminating tuberculosis isn't just a health issue — it's an economic one Devex 27.03.2017
Reducing global tuberculosis deaths—time for India to step up The Lancet 25.03.2017
Demanding more for TB  Nature Microbiology Community 24.03.2017
Time to Address the Devastating Impact of TB on India’s Women News Deeply 24.03.2017
A biomarkers database to accelerate point-of-care diagnostics for TB Nature Microbiology Community 24.03.2017
Exclusive interview with Dr. Madhukar Pai, MD, PhD Health Issues India 24.03.2017
Going the extra mile to fight TB  McGill Reporter 24.03.2017
Regardless of the WHO snafu, tuberculosis should be a priority in the global AMR response Centre for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy 23.03.2017
A day in the life of Denis Francis, Clinical Nurse Specialist McGill University Health Centre Stories 23.03.2017
Opinion: In India, eliminating tuberculosis isn't just a health issue — it's an economic one Devex 23.03.2017
Women Survivors of TB Speak Out Against Stigma in India News Deeply 23.03.2017
Consumption Junction: Changing Tuberculosis Through Diagnostics Diagnostics World 23.03.2017
Will you be an advocate on World TB day 2017 Nature Microbiology Community 21.03.2017
Diagnosis, a weak link in global tuberculosis control – an interview with Madhukar Pai Infectious Diseases Hub 20.03.2017
Breaking news| The TB community can’t catch a break Nature Microbiology Community 13.03.2017
In India’s Fight Against Tuberculosis, Diagnostics Remains Poorly Understood The Wire 03.03.2017
Creating A Community To Advance Global Health Diagnostics The Huffington Post Blog 22.02.2017
How can we become better teachers  Nature Microbiology Community 17.02.2017
Can We Engage Private Pharmacies To Help Control Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis? Forbes 13.02.2017
We face a resurrection of the white death Globe and Mail 04.01.2017
Where is civil society in the fight against TB? The Guardian 05.02.2017


We cannot end the HIV epidemic without tackling tb Nature Microbiology Community 01.12.2016
What you need to know about predatory publishers CTV Morning Video 24.11.2016
India takes a lead in TB research in a unique mission mode to End TB Business Standard 10.11.2016
'Cascade Of Care' Can Help India Plug Gaps In TB Treatment The Huffington Post Blog 26.10.2016
New Numbers On Tuberculosis Burden Must Galvanize India To Act The Huffington Post Blog 17.10.2016
Predatory Conferences Undermine Science And Scam Academics The Huffington Post Blog 13.10.2016
What Are Predatory Open Access Journals And Why Should We Worry? The Huffington Post Blog 04.10.2016
Canadian medical journals highjacked for junk science The Toronto Star 29.09.2016
"Predatory" publisher targets Canada: Offshore firm acused of publishing junk science takes over Canadian journals CBC News 29.09.2016
Drug-Resistant TB Should Figure Prominently in The Global AMR Response The Huff Post Blog 20.09.2016
Canada Is Leading The Fight To End AIDS, TB And Malaria For Good The Huffington Post Blog 16.09.2016
Inappropriate and overuse of antibiotics in fight against tuberculosis in India MUHC - RI Newsroom 25.08.2016
Without Success in India, We'll Never Control Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Anywhere Forbes 25.08.2016
Simulated patient study sheds new light on antibiotic use in India Health Medicine Network 25.08.2016
Simulated patient study sheds new light on antibiotic use in India Eurek Alert 25.08.2016
Simulated patient study sheds new light on antibiotic use in India McGill News 25.08.2016
Verdun Hospital tuberculosis scare a false alarm, but threat remains very active The Gazette 24.08.2016
Why the World Needs an Essential Diagnostics List Forbes 04.08.2016
"Dear Sir or Madam" is Not the Way to Apply for Fellowships or Jobs The Huffington Post 26.07.2016
Clinton Foundation Case Study: Catalyzing the market for accurate tuberculosis testing in India's extensive private sector through IPAQT Clinton Health Access Initiative 18.07.2016
How drug-resistant TB can show the path to tackling antimicrobial resistance The Huffington Post 13.07.2016 
Éclosions de turberculose dans les crack houses de Montreal  La Presse 12.07.2016
TB Elimination: India can lead the way The Huffington Post 06.06.2016
Dr. Gonzalo Alvarez finds a better way to stop spread of tuberculosis CIHR News 03.24.2016
Breakthrough tuberculosis drug now available through Canadian study: Taima TB 3HP study launched in Iqaluit and Ottawa OHRI 03.24.2016
Tuberculose: des diagnostics rapides et économiques au Nunavut La Presse + 03.24.2016
Going the extra mile to fight TB: McGill International TB Centre researchers fight tuberculosis from the Canadian North to the Global South MUHC Newsroom 03.24.2016
Going the extra mile to fight TB: MCI TB Clinic staff travel near and far to help patients manage tuberculosis MUHC Newsroom 03.24.2016
Tuberculosis Care: Why The Government Must Engage With The Private Sector The Huffington Post 03.24.2016
TB Ground Zero: action needed on a war-footing The Hindu Business Line 03.19.2016
Management of tuberculosis: 10 common pitfalls to avoid Express Healthcare 03.08.2016
New tuberculosis technologies: importance of access in the private health sector News Medical 03.04.2016
Drug-resistant tuberculosis threat needs immediate action: McGill paper Cantech Letter 02.26.2016
Providing affordable diagnosis to solve India's TB epidemic CNN IBN Live 02.18.2016
25 Canada Research Chairs for McGill - Dr. Madhukar Pai McGill Reporter News 02.09.2016
How to Make New TB Technology More Accessible to the Private Health Sector Next Billion 02.03.2016
FIND signs partnership agreement with McGill on TB diagnostics FIND Diagnostic News 01.28.2016


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MUHC launches the McGill International TB Centre 28.03.2013


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