Members of the McGill International TB Centre have developed tools and websites that are readily available:

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The BCG World Atlas Second Edition - Updated in 2017

A Database of Global BCG Vaccination Policies and Practices -

The first of its kind, the BCG World Atlas is a database of policies and practices of the Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine, the only licensed vaccine for tuberculosis (TB) from countries all over the world. 

The Online TST/IGRA Interpreter

This tool estimates the risk of active tuberculosis for an individual with a tuberculin skin test reaction of ≥5mm, based on his/her clinical profile. It is intended for adults tested with standard tuberculin (5 TU PPDS, or 2 TU RT-23) and/or a commercial Interferon Gamma release assay (IGRA) -

TB skin test training for Heath care workers:

YouTube Video: English

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PowerPoint Presentation: English Tuberculin Skin Testing TST Technique Training 
PowerPoint Presentation: French Formation sur l’injection IntraDermo- Réaction à la tuberculine (IDR)

Introducing N-TB, an app for nutritional assessment & counselling of patients with tuberculosis

The WHO India recommends that nutritional assessment, counseling and support should be an integral part of TB care. Several actions such as guidance documents for patients, support via food rations, and even direct monetary benefits are being implemented. These initiatives require healthcare providers to be skilled in nutritional assessment and counseling. The first app of its kind,  N-TB enables the classification of the nutritional status of the patient, gives alerts in case of severe undernutrition and provides management solutions based on the patient's local context.

Undernutrition is a common co-morbidity in patients with active TB, which has serious implications for the outcomes of treatment. It is a risk factor for early death during treatment, drug-induced hepatotoxicity, poor performance status at end of treatment and relapse of disease after successful treatment. Nutritional assessment, counselling and support are now considered as integral part of therapy of patients with TB.

Download the free App in Google Play 

MycoHit Software 

Graphical user interface for Genomic Sequence Comparison
MycoHit is a JAVA application:

Containment Level 3 (CL3) TB Facility         Core Director: Dr. Marcel Behr   Containment Level 3

The Facility for TB research meets the highest safety standards defined by Canadian guidelines (PHAC and CFIA).  Work carried out in this facility includes all experimental procedures involving the manipulation of live Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  The facility is available to RI-MUHC researchers, affiliated collaborators and external researchers working on tuberculosis.  

DATABASE available to members of the TB Centre:
"Understanding the keys to tuberculosis: from exposure to infection, and from infection to disease".
This database was established from 2006 to 2012 from questionnaires and biologic samples.

Please contact lynn.derycapes [at] for more information


Public–private mix for TB prevention and care: a roadmap

First-ever targeted WHO roadmap outlines steps to scale-up public-private health sector engagement to end TB

The PLOS Tuberculosis Channel 

You may have already heard about the PLOS Tuberculosis Channel, a global forum for tuberculosis related research, curated by Dr. Soumya Swaminathan and Dr. Madhukar Pai. It’s a place to stay updated on news, discussion and commentary in the field. But have you explored all the content the Channel has to offer and subscribed to updates?

The TBDx Pathway

The first ever web-based pathway for tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics (Dx) and adjunct technologies

QuTUB Quality of Tuberculosis care

In this new public community on GHDonline, professionals ranging from clinicians, policy-makers, researchers, implementers, and advocates sharquestions, successes, and lessons learned to advance the field of global health diagnostics.

Resources for TB diagnostics developers: TB Frequently Asked Questions

TB Diagnostics: Top 10 FAQs By Test Developers - 

Evidence-Based TB Diagnosis

A Comprehensive Resource For Evidence Syntheses, Policies, Guidelines and Research Agendas On TB Diagnostics -

 A website for learning and teaching epidemiology -


TB Stigma
Measurement Guidance

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WHO treatment guidelines for isoniazid-resistant tuberculosis: Supplement to the WHO treatment guidelines for drug-resistant tuberculosis

McGill Research influences WHO TB policies

WHO has just released new clinical guidelines for treatment of INH-resistant TB (based in part on the work of Dr Dick Menzies and others at McGill, Montreal). Isoniazid-resistant TB, without concurrent rifampicin resistance, is estimated to occur in about 8% of people with TB globally. A regimen of 6 months rifampicin, ethambutol, pyrazinamide and levofloxacin is now recommended in adults and children diagnosed with this type of drug-resistant TB. Resistance to rifampin and fluoroquinolones should be ruled out before using this regimen.
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Nature Reviews Disease PrimerTuberculosis - with over 47,000 downloads! 

in the 99th percentile (ranked 762nd) of the 252,738 tracked articles of a similar age in all journals
in the 95th percentile (ranked 1st) of the 24 tracked articles of a similar age in Nature Reviews Disease Primers

An international group of top TB experts from several leading institutions, coordinated by the McGill International TB Centre,  published a primer on tuberculosis (TB) in the journal Nature Reviews Disease Primers.  View here

Let's Talk TB - 3rd Edition (2018)

Let's Talk TB is a book on the current best practices in TB diagnosis and treatment available for free for all GPs and private practitioners in India and other high-burden countries.                        

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Target product profiles (TPPs) for priority diagnostics are available at: Tuberculosis Diagnostics in 2015: Landscape, Priorities, Needs, and Prospects

UNITAID TB diagnostics landscape reports:

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TB diagnosticmarket analyses: