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Selected Recent TB Articles/Publications

A qualitative meta-synthesis of facilitators and barriers to tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment in Nigeria in BMC Public Health
Diagnostic accuracy of centralised assays for TB detection and detection of resistance to rifampicin and isoniazid: a systematic review and meta-analysis in Eur Respir J

Early innate and adaptive immune perturbations determine long-term severity of chronic virus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis coinfection in Immunity

Effects of programmatic interventions to improve the management of latent tuberculosis: a follow up study up to five months after implementation in BMC Public Health

Framework for the evaluation of new tests for tuberculosis infection in Eur Respir J

Post-tuberculosis mortality risk among immigrants to British Columbia, Canada, 1985-2015: a time-dependent Cox regression analysis of linked immigration, public health, and vital statistics data in Can J Public Health

Social and behavioral risk reduction strategies for tuberculosis prevention in Canadian Inuit communities: a cost-effectiveness analysis in BMC Public Health

The Sensitivity and Costs of Testing for SARS-CoV-2 Infection With Saliva Versus Nasopharyngeal Swabs : A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis in Ann Intern Med

Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra and Xpert MTB/RIF assays for extrapulmonary tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance in adults in Cochrane Database Syst Rev

Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Pet Ring-Tailed Lemur, Madagascar in Emerg Infect Dis

Genome-wide association study of resistance to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection identifies a locus at 10q26.2 in three distinct populations in PLoS Genet

Improving diagnosis of tuberculosis in children in Lancet Infect Dis
Risk of active tuberculosis in migrants diagnosed with cancer: a retrospective cohort study in British Columbia, Canada in BMJ Open

Xpert Ultra versus Xpert MTB/RIF for pulmonary tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance in adults with presumptive pulmonary tuberculosis in Cochrane Database Syst Rev

Diagnostic accuracy of point-of-care ultrasound for pulmonary tuberculosis: A systematic review in PLoS One

Dynamic needs and challenges of people with drug-resistant tuberculosis and HIV in South Africa: a qualitative study in Lancet Global Health 

In Vivo Antigen Expression Regulates CD4 T Cell Differentiation and Vaccine Efficacy against Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection in mBio

Latent Tuberculosis Therapy Outcomes in Dialysis Patients: A Retrospective Cohort in Am J Kidney Dis

Quantifying the rates of late reactivation tuberculosis: a systematic review in Lancet Infect Dis  

The need to prioritise childhood tuberculosis case detection in Lancet


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