The Centre includes investigators with expertise spanning from basic biomedical research to clinical, epidemiological and social determinants of health.  Our work aims to develop and evaluate new diagnostic tests, new vaccines and new treatment regimens for the control of TB and other mycobacterial diseases. 


Our Investigators are at the front-line of TB research, and are among the most-cited authors.

Great job at knowledge synthesis by TB Centre researchers


Our Nature Review Primer on TB got designated as a ‘Highly cited paper’ by the Web of Science, meaning it is among the top 1% of papers of similar age in the field of clinical medicine!

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The top-cited systematic reviews/meta-analyses in tuberculosis research


McGill authors topped the rankings as first and corresponding authors in systematic reviews and meta-analyses in TB research.

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The 100 top-cited tuberculosis research studies


​According to a study, McGill researchers account for 6% of the world's best cited TB papers which is very high ranking!

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