Amrita Daftary

Amrita Daftary, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor 
School of Health Policy & Management
Faculty of Health
York University
Toronto, Canada
adaftary [at]



Dr. Daftary is a social and behavioural health scientist. Her research examines health care seeking and caregiving practices for HIV and TB to inform the design and evaluation of multi-level interventions. Dr. Daftary has expertise in qualitative research methods, global implementation science, and health services research. She is well cited for her work on stigma associated with TB, including drug-resistant TB and TB-HIV coinfection. She works in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly South Africa, and India and Canada. Dr. Daftary holds adjunct positions at the University of Toronto and Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA), University of KwaZulu Natal. Her early training was in pharmacy.


  • Tuberculosis, drug-resistant TB, HIV/AIDS
  • Social determinants of health – stigma, quality of care
  • Health services research and evaluation
  • Qualitative methods, mixed methods
  • Implementation science, e-health interventions

Selected Publications:             Follow on PubMed

1.     Daftary A, Frick M, Venkatesan N, Pai M. Fighting TB stigma: we need to apply lessons learned from HIV activismBMJ Glob Health. 2017; 2:e000515

2.     Craig G, Daftary A, Engel N, O’Driscoll S. TB stigma as a social determinant of health: a systematic mapping review of research in low incidence countriesInt J Infect Dis. 2017; 56:90-100.

3.     Daftary A, Hirsch-Moverman Y, Kassie GM, Melaku Z, Gadisa T, Saito S, Howard AA. A qualitative evaluation of the acceptability of an interactive voice response system to enhance adherence to isoniazid preventive therapy in Ethiopia. AIDS Behav, 2017; 21(11):3057-67.

4.     Hirsch-Moverman Y, Daftary A, Yuengling KA, Saito S, Frederix K, Maama LB, Howard AA. Using mHealth for HIV/TB treatment support in Lesotho: Enhancing patient-provider communication in the START StudyJAIDS, 2017; 1(S1):S37-43.

5.     Daftary A, Calzavara L, Padayatchi N. The contrasting cultures of HIV and tuberculosis careAIDS, 2015; 29(1):1-4.

6.     Daftary A, Padayatchi N, O’Donnell MR. Preferential adherence to antiretroviral therapy over tuberculosis treatment: a qualitative study of drug-resistant TB/HIV coinfected patients in South AfricaGlob Public Health, 2014; 9(9):1107-16.

7.     Daftary AHIV and tuberculosis: the construction and management of double stigmaSoc Sci Med, 2012; 74(10):1512-9.


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