The McGill TB Center

The McGill International Tuberculosis Centre (MTBC) was founded in 2014. Since November 2018, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) / World Health Organization (WHO) designated the MTBC as a PAHO / WHO Collaborating Centre for Tuberculosis Research.


Our Vision:

To contribute to the elimination of TB in the world, especially in high-burden countries and among the most vulnerable population groups.


Our Mission:

To help end TB, within Canada and globally, by:

  • Doing innovative, interdisciplinary research that will result in the transformative new tools and strategies needed to help end TB.
  • Strengthening training and capacity building that can support TB elimination, especially in high-burden countries and vulnerable population groups (indigenous, children, etc.).
  • Forging equitable research partnerships with local and international partners.


Our Membership:

The MTBC includes 40 investigators (27 members and 10 associate members) who have research expertise spanning from basic biomedical methods to clinical, epidemiological and social sciences. Members work includes the development, evaluation and implementation of new diagnostic tests and strategies, as well as new treatment regimens for TB infection and disease. Members currently supervise 75 post-graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.


Our Priorities:
  • Action 1: Develop new research partnerships in Canada and globally
  • Action 2: Develop new inter-disciplinary research
  • Action 3: Create a community advisory board (CAB) in Canada – Patient voice


Learn more Who We Are:

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