Sustainable Tips

Looking to live, work, or study more sustainably but don't know where to start?

Well, you're in the right place.

Recycle & Compost

A waste sorting station

Learn how to sort your waste so that it actually gets recycled.

Sustainable Dining 

Farm workers plant vegetables

Enjoy food straight from McGill's Macdonald Campus farm. 


People pour soil into a garden bed.

Create your own garden and watch it flourish, on campus or at home. 

Researching Sustainably

A young woman does research in a fume hood

Reduce the impact of your research with sustainable lab practices.

Travel & Commute

A collection of bikes parked on campus

Reduce your carbon footprint by making informed travel decisions. 

Sustainable Purchasing

A young man works at a Farmers' Market stand

Reduce the impact of your purchases with the help of Procurement Services.

Working Sustainably

A group of people convene in a meeting room

Embed sustainability into your work-life with the Sustainable Workplace Certification.

Carbon Offsets

A man works in a mechanical room.

Want to compensate for your difficult-to-avoid greenhouse gas emissions?

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