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Study Sustainability at McGill

Study Sustainability at McGill

The mission of McGill University is the advancement of learning and the creation and dissemination of knowledge.  

McGill is a student-centred institution and one in which the learning of faculty, staff, and community partners is also actively supported. It is the University’s role, as an educational institution, to produce learning outcomes that create aware and engaged citizens.

Sustainability Elective Courses: Fall 2022 

The following non-exhaustive list was prepared by the McGill Office of Sustainability to offer a sample of elective courses without or with minimal prerequisites open to students during the current semester.

This list was last updated in August 2022. If you have any questions about or would like your course to be featured on this list, please email sustainability [at] mcgill.ca.  

Sustainability Keywords 

Want to discover other sustainability-related courses or programs? Use keywords from the list below to help your search in the eCalendar and Undergraduate Admissions program guide.  

Climate Action

  • Climate 
  • Ecology 
  • Pollution 
  • Renewable 

Social Justice

  • Inequality 
  • Gender 
  • Justice 
  • Race 

Financial Wellbeing

  • Economy 
  • Labour 
  • Socioeconomic 
  • Welfare 


  • Colonialism 
  • Community 
  • Ethnicity 
  • Food 
  • Immigration 
  • Indigenous  
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