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Sustainability Projects Fund

The largest fund of its kind in Canada, here at McGill.

Sustainability is the challenge of our lifetime. At McGill, we are building a culture of sustainability together. 

Whether you are a student, staff, faculty, or community member, there are many ways for you to get involved in sustainability at McGill. Join your University community as we make McGill a more sustainable place to work and study. 


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What is sustainability? How can I live more sustainably? Who's working to make McGill more sustainable?

We've got the answer to all the questions and more.


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How can I get involved with sustainability on campus? Can I kickstart a sustainability project on campus?

Discover all the ways to dive in and become a sustainability leader.


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How is McGill becoming more sustainable? What are McGill's sustainability targets? 

See how McGill is acting in line with the science it produces.

Complete the online sustainability module

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Learn about sustainability and how you can get involved during your time at McGill.

Get sustainable certification for an event on campus

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What does it take to make your event as socially-responsible and environmentally-friendly as possible? We're here to help.


There are currently no events available.

McGill has a bold vision for sustainability. We’ve got big ideas, and we need your help turning them into reality.

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