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Sustainability Ambassador Program

Sustainability Ambassador Program

The Sustainability Ambassadors Program (SAP) is a year-long volunteering opportunity for students to promote sustainability on campus by leading engagement activities with the McGill community. 

About the Sustainability Ambassador Program 

The SAP offers a platform for students to apply their skills and creativity in order to grow the sustainability movement at McGill. The program provides training in sustainable leadership by offering students opportunities to introduce the McGill community to sustainable initiatives carried out by the McGill Office of Sustainability as well as those championed by other units on campus. 

The SAP has three streams. 

Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF) Ambassador

Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF) Ambassadors champion the SPF, the largest fund of its kind in Canada, through an array of outreach initiatives.

SPF Ambassadors generate grassroots change at McGill by gaining community engagement skills in diverse settings and becoming experts in sustainable change on campus.

Sustainable Events Ambassador

Sustainable Events Ambassadors coordinate with McGill event organizers to help design events in the most sustainable ways possible.

Sustainable Events Ambassadors become leaders and trusted representatives of the sustainability community at McGill by collaborating with organizers and teaching them how they can embed sustainable best practices into their event planning.

Zero-Waste Ambassador

Zero-Waste Ambassadors build a culture of sustainability at McGill by sharing knowledge about waste reduction and diversion, fostering zero-waste and circular economy practices, and encouraging our community to re-think its waste.

Zero-Waste Ambassadors gain sustainability education and community engagement experience while advancing McGill's target of becoming zero-waste by 2035.


Get Involved 

Applications are now closed for 2022-2023 Sustainability Ambassador Program. Stay up-to-date by following the Office of Sustainability on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn, or signing up for their monthly newsletter

Have a question about the Sustainability Ambassador Program? Email engagement.sustainability [at] mcgill.ca

Sustainability Ambassador Program Alumni  

2021-2022 Ambassadors

Chantay Alexander 

Maya Côté 

Tatiana Dorn 

Anouk Gaidoschik 

Sunny Han 

Elena Landaverde 

Sara McSweeney 

Anna Pieper 

Ziyuan Wei 

2020-2021 Ambassadors

Maya Willard-Stepan 

Peter Garber 

Anton Z'Graggen 

Yann Bonzom   

Ana Duran 

Zoë Deskin 

Alice Gerebtzoff     

Alex Anne Laberge 

Hana Epstein   

Melisa Eraslan 

Nitin Arora 

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