Engage with Sustainability at McGill

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The Sustainability Ambassadors Program is a student volunteering opportunity to promote sustainability on campus. 

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McGill has an extensive network of student and community groups working on all aspects of sustainability.

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Sustainability Projects Fund

The Sustainability Projects Fund builds a culture of sustainability on McGill campuses through the seed-funding of interdisciplinary projects, creating opportunities for the McGill community to be change agents.

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Sustainable Workplace

The Sustainable Workplace Certification is an award-winning program that challenges the McGill community to foster sustainable workplaces through individual and collective practices.

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Sustainable Events

The Sustainable Events certification program is an initiative that provides consultations, training, and resources to encourage and support more responsible events.

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Sustainable Labs

The Sustainable Labs program aims to enable the research community to take actions that reduce the negative environmental impacts of our research and maintain our research excellence.

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Catalyst Awards

The Catalyst Awards for Sustainability recognize students, staff, and faculty who have made meaningful and enduring contributions to the sustainability movement at McGill University.

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