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Sustainable Labs Certification

Sustainable Labs Certification

With one of the highest levels of research funding in Canada, a large ratio of graduate to undergraduate students and over 800 labs, McGill is highly research-intensive.

This research uses a tremendous amount of energy and water, and, in the process, generates a high portion of McGill’s solid waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Sustainable Labs program aims to enable the research community to take actions that reduce the negative environmental impacts of our research and maintain our research excellence.

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Sustainable Labs Guide

Cover of the Sustainable Labs Guide: A young woman in a lab, wearing PPE. Text reads: "Sustainable Labs Guide for Researchers"The Sustainable Labs Guide was created by the Sustainable Labs Working Group (SLWG) in 2016, with the goal of benefitting those working in laboratories and those whose work supports laboratory operations

The SWLG was created in October of 2014 with a mandate to include sustainability considerations in lab processes. The working group consisted of students, staff, and faculty from across the university. The vision of the SLWG was to “Engage the University community; promote and recognize efforts to reduce material, water, and energy consumption while maximizing cost savings; improve safety and accessibility through optimizing operations, training and awareness.”

PDF icon McGill University Sustainable Labs Guide

Sustainable Labs Resources

External Resources

  • MyGreenLabs: An international non-profit organization that promotes sustainable operations and designs of labs in industry, academia, and government. 

For questions about Sustainable Labs at McGill, please email labs.sustainability [at] mcgill.ca

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