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Ride & Refresh

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Ride & Refresh

The Ride & Refresh program makes it easier for McGill students, full-time staff and faculty members, to bike to the downtown campus. With access to on-campus shower and locker room facilities, participants get to enjoy an active commute and arrive at the office clean and refreshed.

About the program

The Ride & Refresh program is designed to help McGill full-time employees and students reap the benefits of biking to the downtown campus — without the sweaty consequences. The program offers access to on-campus shower and locker room facilities at the McGill Sports Complex, as well as a towel and basket service, on-site bike parking, and community events, for a one-time program fee of $39.99 plus tax.

The 2024 season runs from May 27th to November 15th.

For more information, please visit the McGill Sports Complex’s website.

How to sign up

You will find the sign-up form at the end of this page. Further instructions on payment and registration with Athletics & Recreation will be provided upon submission of the form.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the McGill Sports Complex located?

The McGill Sports Complex is located at 475 Avenue des Pins.

Why has the cost to join Ride & Refresh increased?

The first year of Ride and Refresh was made possible through funding from the Sustainability Projects Fund. This initial year of programming subsidized program fees and provided key infrastructure to help kickstart the project. Since the subsidy is no longer in effect, the sign-up fee now accounts for the full operational costs associated with running this program.

Where are the nearest bike racks and BIXI docking stations?

There are numerous bike racks available on the downtown campus. Some of the closest to the McGill Sports Complex are outside the Duff Medical Building and the Montreal Neurological Institute.

There are also three BIXI docking stations within a five-minute walk of the McGill Sports Complex. They are located on the corners of Hutchinson and des Pins, Aylmer and Prince-Arthur, and University and Prince-Arthur.

Can participants use the lockers at the McGill Sports Complex?

Yes, lockers are available to participants. However, they must be vacated before the end of the day. Locks left overnight will be removed, and you will be charged an administrative and handling fee upon retrieving your belongings.

Where are the locker rooms located?

The women's locker room is located in Room G71, which is located on the ground level in the hallway close to the Equipment Room.

The men's locker rooms are located in Room 106 on the 1st floor near the Gymnasiums and in Room B5 on the B1 level.

All locker rooms are equipped with lockers, showers, and washrooms.

When will the facilities be accessible?

May 27 to August 25, 2024: Monday to Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

August 26 to November 15, 2024: Monday to Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

How does the towel and basket service work?

Participants will be assigned a specific basket (via email) for the duration of the season. Baskets are located in front of the Equipment Room (ground floor, Room G48).

During their first visit, participants can get the combination for their basket’s lock at the Equipment Room desk, along with a towel. They will then be asked to replace the existing basket lock with one of their own for the duration of the season.

Towels must be stored in the participant’s designated basket. Please note that clean towels are available in exchange for used towels.

Participants must return their towel and remove the lock from their basket by the end of the Ride & Refresh season, on Friday, November 15, 2024.

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