The Sustainability Projects Fund

Ban the Bottle Project

SPF 0179

Reducing waste on McGill campuses promoting re-usable alternatives & increasing access and awareness of municipal water sources.

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Macdonald Campus Orchard

SPF 0189

Revitalizing the Macdonald campus apple orchards.

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Little Free Libraries Project

SPF 0166

Encouraging sustainable literacy practices by enticing the McGill community to give, take, and exchange books

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MSEG Composting

SPF 0168

Introducing a more sustainable composting system for the McGill Student-run Ecological Gardens.


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SSMU Courtyard Garden

SPF 0157

Transforming an underutilized space in the Brown Building courtyard into a community garden

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The Kohlrabi Collective

SPF 154

A cross-campus collaboration among the McGill Farmers’ Market, the Macdonald Student-Run Ecological gardens (MSEG) and Organic Campus

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McGill Spin Bike Gardens

SPF 0155

Promoting improved mental and physical health through accessible exercise on campus.

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McGill Racialized Students Support Project

SPF 159

Building an inclusive environment and community support network for racialized students on campus

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The largest fund of its kind in North America, the Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF) was created to kickstart a culture of sustainability on McGill campuses.

How to Start your Project

Have an idea to make campus more sustainable? The Sustainability Projects Fund is here to help you make it a reality. Follow the link to read more about the application process and start your application.