Sustainability Projects Fund Governance

Current McGill students, staff and faculty are invited to apply for funding for projects big and small. The application process and timeline for funding differ depending on the size of the proposed project.

Sustainability Projects Fund Governance Council (GC)

The Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF) Governance Council ensures the fulfilment of the SPF’s mandate to build a culture of Sustainability on McGill campuses. In addition to being responsible for the governance and administration of the SPF, they are also the body that determines which projects receive funding. 

The GC is composed of eight voting members and two non-voting members. Its voting members reflect the same parity as the fund itself, composed of half students and half staff. 

The composition of the governance council is: 

  • Two (2) Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU) representatives
  • One (1) Post-Graduate Students' Society representative
  • One (1) Macdonald Campus Students' Society representative
  • Two (2) academic staff
  • Two (2) administrative staff
  • SPF Steward (co-facilitator, non-voting)
  • SPF Administrator (co-facilitator, non-voting)

The Governance Council members are selected based on their level of engagement within the McGill community, their understanding of sustainability, and their expertise. The group meets approximately once a month during the academic year. 

For more information, please see the SPF Governance Council Terms of Reference 

Learn the latest about the SPF with the Sustainability Projects Fund Annual Reports

Governance Council Members 2023-2024

Cameron Toy Kluger, SSMU

Cameron is a U2 student studying Environment in the Faculty of Science. Originally from New York City, he has been involved in sustainability on campus as an SPF Ambassador and the VP Outreach for the SSMU Environment Committee. Additionally, he founded the Student Education for Environmental Development (SEED), an initiative that partners with the United Nations to bring free environmental education classes to local elementary and middle schools. He is passionate about sustainability because he believes everyone has a role to play in preserving the planet for future generations. Through the SPF, he hopes to give students the tools to make change in their communities.

Erica Lin, SSMU

Erica is a BA&Sc. student majoring in Sustainability, Science & Society. While volunteering as a Zero-Waste Ambassador, she became curious about how long-term sustainability projects are developed. Topics that interest her include climate justice, urban design, and Indigenous stewardship. As an artist, she is particularly drawn to the use of creative/digital mediums to inspire social change. She is excited to oversee a variety of initiatives while collaborating with people from different backgrounds on the GC.

Marion Morissette, MCSS

Marion is a BSc. student majoring in Environmental Biology. Over the years, she has become more and more interested in sustainability, whether it was by raising awareness on pollinators or by working in the conservation of rivers. Since arriving at Macdonald Campus, sharing with other passionate students, and getting involved in different sustainability related projects, her interest in creating a more environmentally friendly university has only grown stronger. Through the SPF, Marion hopes to support new initiatives and ongoing projects to help make McGill as sustainable as possible.

Shivani Salunke, PGSS

Shivani is a Doctor of Civil Law candidate at McGill. As a lawyer, she is interested in studying the impact of technology on businesses, society and the law, as well as corporate responsibility and governance. She has also been enthused by sustainability and climate change awareness initiatives since a young age, and works with an Indian non-profit dedicated to the cause. At McGill, she is an SPF Ambassador and Environment Committee member, and looks forward to supporting more sustainability projects through her role on the SPF Governance Council.

Diane Dechief, Academic Staff

Faculty Lecturer, Office of Science Education, Faculty of Science

Diane focuses on science communication and inclusive teaching practices. She leads the multidisciplinary, university-wide climate course at McGill, FSCI 198: Climate Crisis and Climate Action. This course invites students, teaching assistants, instructors, and guests to bring their “whole person” to share, ask questions, and collaborate in order to create sustainable futures through climate action. Diane is an enthusiastic cyclist—she pedalled throughout a master’s in communication studies from Concordia University and a doctorate in information studies from the University of Toronto.

Stephanie Posthumus, Academic Staff

Associate Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Stephanie Posthumus teaches European environmental literature and climate fiction at McGill University. A pioneering scholar of French ecocriticism, she has also published in the fields of animal and plant studies and has been involved in various projects in the emerging area of the digital environmental humanities. She loves working in her local community garden and hiking with her furry and not-so-furry companions.

Wesley McCoy, Administrative Staff

Events and Community Initiatives Supervisor, Desautels Faculty of Management

Wesley heads the events services team within the Desautels Faculty of Management. His mandate includes staff community building and sustainability initiatives within the faculty. In order to improve the commitment to sustainability within the Faculty he acts as a mentor to other ambassadors working through the Sustainable Workplace Certification Program. Additionally he has taken the responsibility in the Faculty to ensure that all events are sustainably certified through the Sustainable Event Certification Program. Through participation on the SPF Governance Council he hopes to gain a better understanding and awareness of the projects and initiatives being implemented at McGill, and to bring additional tools to Desautels.

Kendra Gray, Administrative Staff

Internships Officer, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Kendra earned a master’s degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Union College. Kendra provides guidance for students seeking internship opportunities and enjoys helping students consider how to identify and present themselves to employers. She also acts as a link between the Faculty and industry. Kendra is passionate about life-long learning, bottom-up community-based solutions, and has worked with educational institutions domestically and overseas, including in Russia, Georgia, and Liberia. She is excited to serve on the SGC because she is eager to see the breadth of sustainability projects put forward by the McGill community.

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