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Want to learn which mode of transportation is the most sustainable choice for you? 

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What role do travel and commuting play in McGill's climate and sustainability objectives?

Reducing emissions from travel—especially air travel–and commuting is essential for achieving the University’s long-term target of reaching carbon neutrality by 2040.

Travel and commuting activities at McGill are responsible for about a quarter of the University's greenhouse gas emissions. 

Sustainable Travel Resources

See below for links to resources available at McGill and in Montreal to help you travel sustainably.

Remote Conferencing

Tip: Ask your unit whether other video-conferencing facilities are available upon request. 


Public Transit


  • Use McGill Rideshare to find and match with other members of the McGill community who have a similar commute.

Electric Vehicles & Car Rentals

Tip: Check out the McGill Travel Services’ website for additional information. 

Travel Between Campuses

  • Intercampus shuttle bus between the downtown and Macdonald campuses for full-time students with a valid ID (with equipment to transport two bicycles) 
  • Parking and Transportation Services’ Transport website on how to get to, from and around our campuses 


Sustainability Ratings of Accommodations

Discounts for McGillians

Comparing modes of transport: Efficiency and emissions

  • Natural Resources Canada’s fuel consumption ratings tool for fuel efficiencies of different vehicles.  
  • Rule of thumb: Select the smallest vehicle appropriate for the intended use and group size 
  • Travel time and emissions of planes, trains and cars for popular VIA Rail routes 
  • Greenhouse gas emissions for different flight options when booking flights with Direct Travel 
  • Greenhouse gas emissions for different flight options on Google Flights 
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