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Office of Student Services

William & Mary Brown Student Services Building,
3600 McTavish Street,
Suite 4100 (East Wing),
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G3

Telephone: (514) 398-8238
Fax: 514-398-3857
Email: [at]

Meet Our Team

Executive Director

martine.gauthier [at] (Martine Gauthier)
Executive Director, Student Services
(514) 398-4430

caroline.arpin [at] (Caroline Arpin)
Assistant to the Executive Director, Student Services
(514) 398-4430


richard.hink [at] (Rick Hink)
Director of Communications
(514) 398-5934

genevieve.latreille [at] (Geneviève Latreille)
Communications Advisor

jessica.giles [at] (Jessica Giles)
Communications Advisor

charly.courage [at] (Charly Courage)
Digital Communications Associate

danielle.hodgson [at] (Danielle Hodgson)
Communications Associate
(514) 398-7651

teffer.adjemian [at] (Teffer Adjemian)
Communications Associate

rose.bostwick [at] (Rose Bostwick)
Communications Associate

monica.kiil [at] (Monica Kiil)
Events Associate
(514) 398-8062 [at] (Lee Kim)
Ask McGill Service Representative

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

cynthia.nkamicaniye [at] (Cynthia Nkamicaniye)
Equity Diversity and Inclusion Advisor

Macdonald Campus

nathalie.beaudry [at] (Nathalie Beaudry) 
Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator
(514) 398-7683

danielle.hodgson [at] (Danielle Hodgson)
Communications Associate
(514) 398-7651

careers.caps [at] (Linda Cicuta)
Career Advisor, Career Planning Service
(514) 398-3304

Julia Horowitz
CFT Psychotherapist, Student Wellness Hub

Shannon Walsh
Local Wellness Advisor (Faculty of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences), Ps.Ed, Student Wellness Hub


evelina.ene [at] (Evelina Ene)
Director of Operations
(514) 398-1491

rosella.destefano [at] (Rosella De Stefano)
Manager, Finance
(514) 398-3694

wila.anderson [at] (Wila Anderson)
Human Resources Advisor
(514) 398-1856

audrey.derepentigny [at] (Audrey De Repentigny)
Human Resources Advisor
(514) 398-3671

sylvia.gendreau [at] (Sylvia Gendreau)
Accounting Coordinator
(514) 398-1038

sylvia.gendreau [at] (Thomas Nardelli)
Associate Director Business Analysis, Systems & Infrastructure
(514) 398-4432

karyn.levesque [at] (Karyn Levesque)
Human Resources Administrator
(514) 398-8578

anna.wu [at] (Anna Wu)
Human Resources Advisor
(514) 398-3213

jean.willett [at] (Jean Willett)
Accounting Coordinator
(514) 398-3589

karen.chopko [at] (Karen Chopko)
Accounting Coordinator
(514) 398-4724

maria.felix2 [at] (Maria Da Silva Felix)
Financial Administrator
(514) 398-3545

Strategy, Assessment and Evaluation

lina.digenova [at] (Lina Di Genova)
Director of Evaluation and Strategy
(514) 398-7072

ariunaa.bayarsaikhan [at] (Ariunaa Bayarsaikhan)
Data Analyst
(514) 398-1942

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