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Effective Monday, April 12, all in-person Tier-2 academic activities are cancelled until further notice. Details on how you can access services are available on our "How to Access Student Services" page.  In all cases, access is by appointment only, so please contact us for an appointment.

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Contact Us

Office of Student Services

William & Mary Brown Student Services Building,
3600 McTavish Street,
Suite 4100 (East Wing),
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G3

Telephone: (514) 398-8238
Fax: 514-398-3857
Email: [at]

Meet Our Team

Executive Director

martine.gauthier [at] (Martine Gauthier)
Executive Director, Student Services
(514) 398-4430

caroline.arpin [at] (Caroline Arpin)
Assistant to the Executive Director, Student Services
(514) 398-4430


richard.hink [at] (Rick Hink)
Director of Communications
(514) 398-5934

genevieve.latreille [at] (Geneviève Latreille)
Communications Advisor

rojarra.armbrister [at] (Rojarra Armbrister)
Communications Advisor

danielle.hodgson [at] (Danielle Hodgson) (on leave)
Communications Associate
(514) 398-7651

charly.courage [at] (Charly Courage)
Digital Communications Associate

lisa.hemmingson [at] (Lisa Hemmingson)
Communications Associate

teffer.adjemian [at] (Teffer Adjemian)
Communications Associate

monica.kiil [at] (Monica Kiil)
Events Associate
(514) 398-8062

elisha.bugarin [at] (Elisha Bugarin)
Administrative Coordinator

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

cynthia.nkamicaniye [at] (Cynthia Nkamicaniye)
Equity Diversity and Inclusion Advisor

Macdonald Campus

sylvie.lapointe [at] (Sylvie Lapointe) 
Operations Manager
(514) 398-7992

nathalie.beaudry [at] (Nathalie Beaudry) 
Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator
(514) 398-7992

danielle.hodgson [at] (Danielle Hodgson) (ON LEAVE)
Communications Associate
(514) 398-7651


evelina.ene [at] (Evelina Ene)
Director of Operations
(514) 398-1869

rosella.destefano [at] (Rosella De Stefano)
Manager, Finance
(514) 398-3694

wila.anderson [at] (Wila Anderson)
Human Resources Advisor
(514) 398-1856

audrey.derepentigny [at] (Audrey De Repentigny)
Human Resources Advisor
(514) 398-3671

sylvia.gendreau [at] (Sylvia Gendreau)
Accounting Coordinator
(514) 398-1302

Strategy, Assessment and Evaluation

lina.digenova [at] (Lina Di Genova)
Director of Evaluation and Strategy
(514) 398-7072

ariunaa.bayarsaikhan [at] (Ariunaa Bayarsaikhan)
Data Analyst
(514) 398-1942

liam.hannah [at] (Liam Hannah)
Project Officer
(514) 398-1038

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