Welcome to Student Services

Student Services is committed to:

  1. Offering McGill students on the downtown and Macdonald campuses high quality and accessible services that facilitate their transition, re-entry and progress through their studies. We are here to help students overcome obstacles that may impede their ability to have a successful and enjoyable student experience in any program at McGill.
  2. Interacting with the University as a whole and its various levels of governance (e.g., student leadership, the Student Life and Learning Group, the Dean of Students, the Ombudsperson for Students, Senate and committees, central administrative officers) to enhance the quality of student life.

Our Core Values

Student Centredness

Student Services aims to assist students in attaining their goals in life. These goals include career, financial security, healthy behaviours and a balanced life.

We recognize that students come to us from a range of ages, socio-economic, cultural, and other backgrounds and therefore have unique needs. They may exhibit a variety of physical and emotional capabilities. Students may also define themselves as being on a gender or sexual orientation continuum. This list is by no means exhaustive, rather it reflects the diversity of our student population.


We are accountable to multiple stakeholders, and therefore in all of our endeavours we will practice openness and accountability in the development and delivery of our services to students, including policies, procedures and decision-making processes. In doing so, we will demonstrate that our services meet the needs of most students in a cost, time and resource efficient manner, and provide appropriate and accurate evidence that this is in fact being done.


Practicing the value of inclusivity means that in all areas of the development and delivery of services we will strive to ensure that all students feel included as equal and respected members of the McGill University community.  In particular, we will strive to ensure that students from diverse cultures, ethnic origins, sexual and gender identifications, religious or faith backgrounds, and all types of disabilities receive equitable treatment in the provision of, and access to, our services.

Through a shared belief in respect of ourselves and our students, we will maintain an unbiased consideration and regard for the rights, values, beliefs and property of all people.


We are true to others and ourselves in our daily interactions with individuals and the collective. Our commitment to integrity means we will demonstrate honesty in words, feelings and actions – delivering, to the best of our ability, the right information to the right person at the right time, and in the right manner in all interactions with students, one-on-one or as a group. We will provide evidence-based information and deliver it in a manner that will be relevant and sensitive to student needs


We will use, develop and protect resources at a rate and in a manner that enables people to meet their current needs and also ensure that future generations can meet their needs.

Student Services will engage in a change process that maximizes resources, the direction of investments and the orientation of technological development, so that all are in alignment with present as well as future needs. Our approach to sustainability will be global in conception and practice, balancing our short- and long-term needs against the backdrop of finite environmental, material, financial, and human resources.


Engaging and seeking out partnerships with students and the wider university community will be central to our continuous efforts to improve services.

As a group of professionals specializing in the care of students, Student Services recognizes that we have much to contribute to the University community and that our expertise can assist others in understanding our students' individual needs, goals, and developmental issues. It is therefore important to communicate that knowledge to others working in this milieu. We recognize that knowledge is dynamic and evolving, and to offer relevant services we must consult students and colleagues within and beyond the University community to better understand current trends, challenges and best practices.

Accountability via Measurable Goals

Since we believe that services must be delivered based on the best substantiation available, we will measure our performance by quantifiable methods and provide evidence-based proof of our achievements. We will equip ourselves with the tools and means necessary to provide information to all our stakeholders.

Our Goals

Raise the Profile of McGill Student Services

To raise the visibility of Student Services and demonstrate its excellence and impact on student life.

  • Develop an effective communications and outreach strategy targeting students.
  • Increase Students Services' profile with other Student Life and Learning units, Senior Administration and Faculties, Service units, Libraries, Facilities, etc.
  • Engage and network with external professional associations and corporate communities (provincial, national and internationally).

Staff Excellence

Maintain and enhance staff expertise while ensuring a positive, energetic, efficient and professional workforce.

  • Ensure staff are knowledgeable regarding our student clientele and their needs.
  • Provide staff with opportunities for exchange of information and ideas.
  • Ensure positive morale of staff and evaluate their professional development needs.
  • Recognize and celebrate staff accomplishments.
  • Ensure principles of transparency and equality are consistently applied with regard to Human Resources practices and policies.
  • Ensure classifications and salaries are appropriate to job requirements, employee skills, and/or market value.

Responsiveness & Assessment

Ensure that Student Services is relevant and responsive to changing student needs by systematically tracking quantitative and qualitative standards of service, and engaging the student population.

  • Systematically assess changing student needs.
  • Systematically evaluate our performance in responding to student needs.
  • Coordinate our response to identified needs through efficient, relevant and socially-responsible action.


Student Services will have a sustainable working environment and financial structure while addressing social and environmental needs into a system that can be maintained in a healthy state over time.

  • Have a sound financial structure in place to support Student Services.
  • Improve the effective organization and functioning of human resources.
  • Plan and anticipate needs for space.
  • Promote and maintain policies and programs that support environmental sustainability.
  • Plan for social and demographic change.
  • Facilitate student engagement by further developing programs that enhance academic learning skills.

Annual Report

The Student Services Annual Report offers a glimpse into the broad range of activities and programs offered by Student Services, as well as financial highlights and feedback metrics.  

McGill University is on land which has long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst Indigenous peoples, including the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabeg nations. We acknowledge and thank the diverse Indigenous peoples whose presence marks this territory on which peoples of the world now gather. Visit the Office of Indigenous Initiatives website to learn more about the Land and Peoples of Tiohtià:ke/ Montreal.

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