Student Services Fee

The  Student Services fee  is  automatically charged  to the student fee account of undergraduate students, graduate students, and certain postdoctoral fellows every fall and winter term. Students who are in Continuing Studies and taking 9 credits or more can opt to pay an optional student service fee, subject to taxes (GST & PST). 

Undergraduate and Graduate Students 

McGill students have full access to a wide range of Student Services upon payment of their  Students Services Fee. This fee is automatically charged every fall and winter term to the student fee account of undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. Graduate Students registered in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences have their fees charged every fall term. 

Summer Term Access 

Students who have paid the winter term fee are eligible for Student Services during the summer term  only if they are registered for summer or fall courses.  This includes access to the  Student Wellness Hub


Students who withdraw have access to student services until the date on which they withdraw. Once a student has withdrawn, they no longer have access to student services as they are no longer an active student.

Transitioning in and out of studies 

Services are only available to students currently enrolled in a program of study.  Services for students who are not currently enrolled—including students on authorized leaves of absence—are limited to certain services mandated by government regulation and services that help a student transition back into or out of their studies (examples include connecting a student with services off-campus and government financial aid or immigration advising for students leaving or preparing for re-entry).  

Continuing Studies Students 

Continuing Studies students who are registered for 9 credits or more in the current term, may opt into the Student Services fee (subject to GST & PST).  Opting in allows  access to the same services as undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. Continuing Studies students may opt in by completing the online  application form. Please note that the processing time is 5-7 days.


Please note:  While the optional fee provides access to  Scholarships & Student Aid's services and tools,  it does not provide access to monetary resources like financial aid and awards

Opting Out

McGill employees who wish to opt-out of the Student Services fee may request to do so only if they are eligible for McGill's Tuition Assistance program. If you meet this requirement, please stuservfees.s2 [at] (send us an email).

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