MSW Program Forms & Guidelines

Application Forms


MSW Prerequisite Form (Non Thesis, Thesis, MSW/BCL/JD) 

MSW Non-Thesis Statement of Interest 

This statement is the opportunity for applicants to demonstrate their ability to conceptualize and analyze a social problem and relate it to their graduate study goals. Students applying for the MSW/BCL/JD Joint Degree Program should indicate their reasons for wanting to pursue this joint program.

MSW Thesis Research Proposal

It is recommended that applicants to the MSW Thesis program consult the list of faculty members in order to identify a preferred thesis advisor.   A list of McGill Social Work Faculty can be found here.  


Student Forms and Guidelines

MSW Tutorial Form 

K/KE Form - For a submission of a K (Incomplete) or a KE (Further extension) grade.

MSW K Form for Field Education

MSW Non-Thesis ISP Submission Form

MSW Non-Thesis ISP Guidelines 

Joint MSW-Law ISP Submission Form

Joint MSW-Law ISP Guidelines

GPS Thesis Guidelines


Procedure to follow 

List of Members




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