Re-Read Policy

Graduate studies reread policy

This policy applies only in the case of marks given for written work in 600 and 700 level courses. For 500 level courses and below, the reread policy of the appropriate undergraduate faculty applies. This policy covers exams and other written work (essays/papers, assignments and lab reports). This policy does not apply to Ph.D. comprehensive examinations. See the Ph.D. Comprehensives Policy for more information.

I. Consultation

In accordance with the Charter of Student Rights, and subject to the conditions stated therein, graduate students have the right, subject to reasonable administrative arrangements, "to consult any written submission for which they have received a mark and to discuss this submission with the examiner." Upon request by the student, the instructor of the course is obliged to conduct this consultation with the student.

Note: Where materials have been graded by a TA and the student wants a reconsideration of the grade, the Faculty member responsible for the course is expected to review the materials and the appropriateness of the grade. This is so even if the materials in question have already been discussed by the TA with the student.

II. Verification

In a case where a student feels that totaling errors have been made in arriving at the final grade, the student can request the instructor to carry out a detailed check that all questions have been marked and that the final grade has correctly been computed on the basis of the term work, final examination, etc.

III. Rereads

Prepared by the Committee on Graduate Programs, Supervision and Teaching
Approved by Council of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, May 12, 1995
Revised May 1997; Revised January 2011; Revised July 2014

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