MSW Application Deadlines & Procedures


Applications Open

September 15 

Application + CV Form, Statement of Interest, Prerequisite Form and unofficial copy of all university transcripts

December 15

All references and unofficial copy of university transcripts showing Fall grades for degrees currently in progress

January 15 

Admission to the MSW Programs is only available for the Fall term. Unfortunately, if any applicant selects a term other than Fall, the University will not refund application fees.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify on Slate that all supporting documents have been received by January 15th.   Applications with missing documents after the January 15th deadline will not be considered.


Application Procedures

  1. Submit a graduate application online through Slate.

    • In Slate, students must identify their chosen MSW Program Stream in the "Additional Questions" section.

    • Applicants must identify three referees (two academic, one professional, work, internship, or volunteer). An email is automatically sent to each referee with a link to a standardized reference form to complete and upload, at the point your application is submitted. Only online references will be accepted.

  2. Upload all supporting documents through Slate.

Please note that the McGill School of Social Work does not accept Special Student applications.

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Required Documents

All Program applicants must submit:

MSW Non-Thesis

must also submit:

MSW Thesis

must also submit:

MSW Program CV Form

MSW Non-Thesis Statement of Interest

Students applying for the MSW/BCL/JD Joint Degree Program should indicate their reasons for wanting to pursue the joint program.

MSW Thesis Research Proposal

It is recommended that students discuss their research goals with a McGill Faculty member prior to completing the application. A list of McGill Social Work Faculty can be found here.

MSW Program Prerequisite Form

3 Letters of Reference (two academic and one professional reference)
All university-level transcripts


MSW/BCL/JD Joint Degree Application

Application to the MSW/BCL/JD Joint Degree Program requires two separate applications:

  • one application to the School of Social Work for the MSW Non-Thesis program and;
  • one application to the Faculty of Law for the integrated BCL/JD program.

Applicants must meet the admission requirements for both programs. A negative response from one program does not mean an automatic refusal from the other. For the BCL/JD joint degree program admissions, please refer to the Faculty of Law MSW with integrated BCL/JD degree site.


Joint Program Liaison: School of Social Work

Cindy Blackstock

(514)  398-7061

cindy.blackstock [at] (Email)

Joint Program Liaison: Faculty of Law

Nancy Czemmel

(514) 398-8196

Nancy.Czemmel2 [at] (Email)


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