Exemptions from Required SWRK Courses

Exemptions from required SWRK Courses:

All BSW students are eligible for an exemption from the following two courses, with a grade of 70% or better:

  • SWRK 224, Human Development Across the Lifespan
  • SWRK 423, Social Work Research

For a course taken at the CEGEP level to be considered “equivalent” to SWRK 224 and/or 423:

  • Students must provide - via email to Dr. Julia Krane – (1) a copy of their CEGEP transcript showing the course with a grade of 70% or better and (2) a copy of the course syllabus for the term and year in which the course was taken.
  • Human Development courses that cover only one aspect of development such as infancy/childhood, adolescence, older adults, etc., do not qualify for this exemption.
  • If the course is considered “equivalent” and an exemption is granted from SWRK 224 and/or 42, the exemption will be noted on students’ unofficial transcript with or without credits.

For a course previously taken at another university (either in a social work program or not):

  • Students need to submit an equivalency request via McGill Equivalency System.
  • If considered “equivalent”, students will receive the credits provided the grade is a “C” or better.


  • All BSW students who receive an exemption from SWRK 224 “Human Development Across the Lifespan” based on an equivalent course taken at CEGEP can now consider this course as meeting the prerequisite for admission into the MSW program provided their grade is 70% or better.
  • Please retain a copy of your CEGEP transcript to confirm your grade and your course syllabus to upload with your MSW application.
  • This change does not apply to applications to the MSc.A. Couple and Family Therapy program which requires a university level Human Development Across the Lifespan course.
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