Committee on the Rights of Senate


MEMBERSHIP (2023-2024)

A Senator from the Faculty of Law Professor Lara Khoury (LAW) - 2025
Three Senators from among the academic staff Professor Daniel Weinstock (Philosophy, ARTS) - 2024
Professor Jennifer Ronholm (Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry, AES) - 2025
Professor Jaye Ellis (LAW) - 2026
A Senator from among the administrative and support staff Bonnie Borenstein (Group 1) - 2026
One Student Senator Isabelle St-Arneault (MACES)

Terms of Reference


1. The Committee on the Rights of Senate is established to investigate and report on complaints of breach of the rights of Senate as set out in Part XIX of the Standing Rules of Procedure, Governing the Proceedings of the Senate of McGill University.

2. The Committee on the Rights of Senate shall exercise its jurisdiction only upon receipt of a complaint made in accordance with Section C of Part XIX.

3. The Committee on the Rights of Senate shall be a standing committee of Senate comprised of six (6) Senators serving renewable three year terms, except the students who shall serve a one year term. The Committee on the Rights of Senate shall:

  1. be appointed by Senate on the recommendation of the Nominating Committee;
  2. include a Senator who is a tenured professor in the Faculty of Law;
  3. include three other Senators who are members of the academic staff;
  4. include one student Senator;
  5. include one Senator who is an administrative and support staff member;
  6. be chaired by a tenured member of academic staff, elected by simple majority of its members;
  7. have a quorum consisting of the majority of its members.

Conflicts of Interest

4. If any member of the Committee on the Rights of Senate has a conflict of interest or apparent conflict of interest in a matter referred to it, that member shall recuse himself or herself immediately.

Powers of the Committee

5. The Committee on the Rights of Senate shall study every matter duly referred to it.

  1. It shall report its findings to Senate.
  2. It may recommend further actions, including temporary exclusion from Senate, expulsion from Senate, or the institution of disciplinary proceedings by the appropriate University bodies.

6. The Committee shall have the power to hold open or closed sessions.

Source: Senate Minute 81, February 10, 1971
Amendment: Senate Minute 105, April 5, 1995
Senate Minute 5, January 30, 2002
Senate Minute IIB4, April 28, 2010
Senate Minute IIB4, IIB7, February 16, 2011
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