Senate Membership (2023-2024)

The McGill Senate is composed of 111 voting members broadly representative of the University's constituencies (Faculty, Staff, Students, Administrators, Board Members and Alumni).

The 2023-2024 Senate membership is listed in the table below. Terms begin September 1st and end August 31st of the indicated year, unless otherwise specified. Student members' terms are for a single year.

Senior Administration (ex officio)
Chancellor John McCall MacBain
Chair of the Board of Governors Maryse Bertrand
President and Vice-Chancellor Deep Saini
Provost and Executive Vice-President (Academic) Christopher Manfredi
Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) Fabrice Labeau
Vice-President (Administration and Finance) Diana Dutton (interim)
Vice-President (University Advancement) Marc Weinstein
Vice-President (Research and Innovation) Martha Crago
Vice-President (Communications and External Relations) (vacant)
University Registrar & Executive Director, Enrolment Services Gillian Nycum 
Director, Teaching and Learning Services Laura Winer
Deans (ex officio)
Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Valérie Orsat (interim)
Faculty of Arts Lisa Shapiro
School of Continuing Studies Carola Weil
Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences Elham Emami
Faculty of Education Victoria Talwar (interim)
Faculty of Engineering Viviane Yargeau
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Josephine Nalbantoglu
Faculty of Law Robert Leckey
Trenholme Dean of Libraries Guylaine Beaudry
Desautels Faculty of Management Yolande E. Chan
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Lesley Fellows
Schulich School of Music Sean Ferguson
Faculty of Science R. Bruce Lennox
Students Robin Beech
Representatives of the Board of Governors
Manon Vennat (June 30, 2025)
Luciano D'Iorio (June 30, 2025)
Diletta Prando (June 30, 2026)
Elected Members
Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Jacqueline Bede (2024)
Jennifer Ronholm (2025)
Petra Rohrbach (2025)
Faculty of Arts
Miranda Hickman (2024)
Daniel Weinstock (2024)
Michael Fronda (2025)
Derek Nystrom (2025)
Juliet Johnson (2025)
Thomas Soehl (2025)
Eran Shor (2026)
Catherine Lu (2026)
Tabitha Sparks (2026)
Manuel Balán (2026)
Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences Alissa Levine (2024)
Faculty of Education
Amir Kalan (2026)
Tara Flanagan (2026)
Faculty of Engineering
Pierre-Luc Girard-Lauriault (2024)
Nathaniel Quitoriano (2025)
Jan Kopyscinski (2026)
Brett Meyer (2026)
Ipek Türeli (2026)
Faculty of Law
Angela Campbell (2024)
Lara Khoury (2025)
Desautels Faculty of Management
Saku Mantere (2024)
Francesca Carrieri (2025)
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Laurie Snider (2024)
Karsten Steinhauer (2024)
Josée Bonneau (2024)
Annmarie Adams (2026)
Eleanor Elstein (2026)
Maiya Rachel Geddes (2026)
Terry Hébert (2026)
Srinivasan Krishnamurthy (2026)
Momar Ndao (2026)
Michael Shevell (2026)
Ma'n Zawati (2026)
Edith Zorychta (2026)
Beth-Ann Cummings (2026)
Schulich School of Music
Julie Cumming (2024)
Patrick Hansen (2025)
Faculty of Science
Mathieu Blanchette (2024)
Brigitte Vachon (2024)
Laura Nilson (2025)
Anthony Mittermaier (2025)
Genevieve Ali (2026)
Natalya Gomez (2026)
Peter Grütter (2026)
David Stephens (2026)
Alanna Watt (2026)
School of Continuing Studies
Margaret Levey (2024)
University Libraries
Houman Behzadi (2024)
Marc Richard (2024)
Svetlana Kochkina (2026)
Jacob Levy (2024)
Elizabeth Elbourne (2025)
Jaye Ellis (2025)
Administrative and Support Staff
Group 1 Bonnie Borenstein (2025)
Krystle Van Hoof (2026)
Group 2 Darlene Hnatchuk (2025)
Cheryl Smeall (2026)
Group 3
Catriona Moore (2024)
Chidimi Abakar (2026)
Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU)
SSMU President Alexandre Ashkir
SSMU VP University Affairs Lalia Katchelewa
Arts (1) Sophia Garofalo
Arts (2) Juliet Morrison
Arts and Science Sef Sarroub-Le Sueur
Education Matthew Diabo
Engineering Muhammad Qureshi
Law Weeam Ben Rejeb
Management Alexandra Nitu
Medicine and Health Sciences Mustafa Fakih
Nursing Naomi Pastrana Mankovitz
Science Grace Parish
McGill Association of Continuing Education Students (MACES)
Amanda Rosenberg
Katherine Joseph
Macdonald Campus Students' Association (MCSS)
Vaishnavi Parey
Post-Graduate Students' Society (PGSS)
PGSS Secretary-General Satish Kumar Tumulu
PGSS University Affairs Officer Racchana Ramamurthy
  Hossein Poorhemati
  Pavithran Pondicherry
Postdoctoral Scholar TBD
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