Standing Rules of Procedure, Governing the Proceedings of the Senate of McGill University


I. Enacting Clause
II. Open Meetings of Senate and Attendance Conditions
III. Spectator and Press Attendance
IV. Frequency of Meetings
V. Notice of Meetings
VI. Order of Business
VII. Confidential Sessions of Senate Meetings
VIII. Question Periods
IX. The Chair
X. The Secretariat
XI. Voting
XII. Reconsideration
XIII. Suspension of the Rules
XIV. Amendment of the Rules
XV. Allocation of Time for Debate
XVI. Duration and Frequency of Interventions
XVII. Motions by Members
XVIII. Rulings of the Chair
XIX. Rules on the Rights of Senate
XX. Reference to Robert's Rules
XXI. Records
XXII. Routine Functions - A Steering Committee
XXIII. Meetings and Minutes of Senate Committees
XXIV. Elections to Committees and Other Bodies
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