Annual Joint Board-Senate Meeting

As per article of the Statutes of McGill University, the Senate and Board of Governors hold an annual joint meeting each fall. At this meeting, the Principal, the Provost, the Deputy Provost, and the Vice-Principals, as appropriate, present for discussion matters they consider relevant to the University’s mission for the ensuing year.

Topics for discussion are selected at a joint meeting of the Senate Steering Committee and the Executive Committee of the Board of Governors from among suggestions submitted by Senators and Governors.

The topic for the 2023 meeting was “Building on McGill’s Record of Excellence for the Third Century: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead."

The date of the 2023 meeting was November 14, 2023, from 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.

A list of topics discussed at meetings from previous years and relevant documentation is available here.

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