Joint Board-Senate Meeting (Archives)

A joint meeting of Senate and the Board of Governors is held annually to consider areas of shared interest between the two governing bodies, offering them an opportunity to engage, together, in considering some of the key issues and challenges affecting the University.

This section contains a list of themes discussed at meetings from previous years and relevant documentation. 

2022  – “Experiential Learning at the Local, National, and International Levels”

2021  – “The Execution of McGill’s Mission in a Changing World”

2020 – “Pandemic Planning and Preparedness: Local Impact of Global Health Crises”

2019 – “How can McGill be a Model of an Open, Connected and Purposeful University?”

2018 – “How could McGill transform itself for a world of lifelong learning?”

2017 – “Building stronger communities and citizenship through mentorship”

2016 – “McGill's Sustainability Plans and Initiatives”

2015 – “Designing a Smart Campus for the 21st Century”

2014 – “Strengthening McGill's Engagement with the External Community through Research and Innovation”

2013 – “Mental Health at McGill University”

2012 – “Universal Design”

2011 – “Research and Innovation in the Undergraduate Educational Experience”

2010 – “Strategic Initiatives in Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies in the Context of Academic Planning and the White Paper”

2009 – “Are we who we think we are?”

2008 – “Intellectual Property Rights”

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