Committee on Student Services


MEMBERSHIP (2023-2024)

Senior Director (Services for Students), Co-Chair, ex officio Lina Di Genova (Interim Senior Director, Services for Students)
Cara Piperni (Interim Senior Director, Services for Students)
Associate Dean (Student Affairs), Macdonald Campus, ex officio Professor David Titley-Peloquin (Bioresource Engineering, FAES) (interim)
Two Directors of Student Services Evelina Ene (Director of Operations, Student Services) - 2026
Two Associate Deans (Student Affairs), or equivalents Dr. Aimee Ryan (Biomedical BSc., Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs, FMHS) - 2024
Professor Manuel Balan (Associate Dean, Student Affairs, ARTS) - 2024

Three representatives of Senate

Chantal Grignon (Student Affairs Office, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, FMHS) - 2025
Caroline Riches (Director, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, EDUCATION) - 2025
Professor Brett Meyer (Electrical and Computer Engineering, ENGINEERING) - 2026
Senior representative from Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Professor Tabitha Sparks, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies - 2026
Five Undergraduate Students Naomi Pastrana Mankovitz (Nursing)
Jon Barlas (Arts/Science)
Grace Parish (Science)
Sophia Garofalo (Arts)
Three Graduate Students Brady Yano (Co-Chair)
Yasmine Elmi
One Student of Macdonald Campus Maria El Dahdah
Secretary Caroline Arpin

Terms of Reference


To provide input and comment to the Executive Director, Services for Students, on plans and strategy for Student Services, receive and review reports from Student Services, and submits select reports to Senate for information. These reports will serve to inform discussions relevant to Senate’s academic mandate.

Specific areas of responsibility:

  1. To review proposed systemic changes and/or changes in strategic direction and internal policies or practices affecting delivery and access to student services and to provide advice and comment to the Director.
  2. To receive and review reports from Student Services:
  • Standard annual reports may include the number of student appointments, services offered, student feedback, programming attendance, and orientation feedback;
  • Special benchmarking reports may also be received every two to three years.
  1. To review budgetary priorities established by Student Services.
  2. To receive Annual Reports from Services' Advisory Boards by end of each academic year.
  3. To provide stakeholder input on any cross-cutting themes noted in reports received, and new assessment initiatives.
  4. To report annually to Senate, which may include committee activities, changes in Student Services strategic direction or internal practices, annual report, top issues and relevant stakeholder input.
  5. Meet at least twice per term during the regular academic year.


  • Senior Director, Services for Students (co-Chair)
  • Associate Dean (Student Affairs) Macdonald Campus
  • Two Directors of Student Services
  • Two Associate Deans (Student Affairs) or equivalent
  • Three representatives (staff/academics) of Senate (appointed by Senate on the recommendation of Senate Nominating Committee)
  • Senior Representative from GPS
  • Three graduate students of the Downtown Campus
  • One graduate or undergraduate student of the Macdonald Campus
  • Five undergraduate students of the Downtown Campus (three of which shall be from the Faculties of Arts, Science, Engineering, Management or Education)
  • Committee Secretary

The student members of the Committee on Student Services shall select the other Co-Chair from among its student members.

Resource Persons:

At the discretion of the Committee on Student Services, Resource persons with voice, but no vote, may be invited to attend meetings of the Committee on Student Services. Such resources persons may include but are not limited to:

  • From Student Services: EDI Advisor, Director of Operations, Director of Communications, Director, Strategy, Assessment and Evaluation
  • Representatives from UA, SLL units, TLS
Source: Senate Minute 6, September 12, 1973
Amendment: Senate Minute 11, September 30, 1987
Senate Minute 12, December 1, 2004
Senate Minute 12, November 16, 2005
Senate Minute 7, November 15, 2006
Senate Minute 8, May 23, 2007
Senate Minute, May 21, 2008
Senate Minute IIB4.2, May 20, 2009
Senate Minute IIB3, February 19, 2013
Senate Minute IIB2, May 12, 2021
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