Senate Nominating Committee

Terms of Reference

The Senate Nominating Committee is a Standing Committee of Senate charged with recommending to Senate committee membership and committee terms of reference.

Specific Areas of Responsibility

The Committee shall:

  1. Review the terms of reference of all Senate committees and recommend revisions, the dissolution, or creation of new committees;
  2. Review and recommend to Senate the membership of all its committees;
  3. Recommend to Senate its representatives on all other University committees requiring such representation;
  4. Receive and recommend for approval the creation of special committees charged with specific consideration of issues under Senate’s mandate. Such committees shall have a specific mandate and deadline for providing recommendations to Senate and shall not be Standing Committees of Senate;
  5. Meet at least three times per semester in the academic year.


Principal (Chair), ex officio
Provost, ex officio
The Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, ex officio
The Associate Vice-Principal (Macdonald Campus), ex officio
Five Deans selected on the recommendation of the Provost, ex officio
Ten members from among the elected academic or administrative and support staff members of Senate, nominated and elected by all members of Senate, other than student members
Two student members of Senate (one undergraduate and one graduate), nominated and elected by student members of Senate
Committee Secretary (Secretary General)

Source: Senate Minute 11, September 30, 1987
Amendments: Senate Minute 10, September 25, 1991
Senate Minute 8, September 22, 1993
Senate Minute 120, May 15, 1996
Senate Minute 6, May 21, 1997
Senate Minute 6, November 10, 1999
Senate Minute 12, March 13, 2002
Senate Minute IIB4.2, May 20, 2009
Senate Minute IIB 6.12, May 15, 2013
Senate Minute IIB5, November 20, 2013

Membership (2022-2023)

Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Chair:

  • Professor Christopher Manfredi (interim)

Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies:

  • Professor Josephine Nalbantoglu

Associate Vice-Principal (Macdonald Campus):

  • Professor Anja Geitmann

Dean of Medicine and Health Sciences:

  • Professor David Eidelman

Dean of Science:

  • Professor Bruce Lennox

Dean of Arts:

  • Professor Lisa Shapiro

Dean of Education:

  • Professor Dilson Rassier

Dean of Music:

  • Professor Sean Ferguson


Ten members from among the elected academic or administrative and support staff members of Senate, nominated and elected by all members of Senate, other than student members elected staff:

  • Professor Terry Hébert (MEDICINE) – 2023
  • Professor Momar Ndao (MEDICINE) - 2023
  • Professor Eleanor Elstein (MEDICINE) – 2023
  • Professor Ipek Türeli (ENGINEERING) – 2023
  • Professor Derek Nystrom (ARTS) - 2023
  • Professor Sébastien Breau (SCIENCE) - 2023
  • Professor Jeffrey McKenzie (SCIENCE) - 2023
  • Professor Angela Campbell (LAW) – 2024
  • Ms. Margaret Levey (CONTINUING STUDIES) - 2025
  • Professor Nate Quitoriano (ENGINEERING) - 2025

One Undergraduate Student Senator:

  • Kerry Yang (Science)

One Graduate Student Senator:

  • Étienne Poirier (Arts)



  • Ms. Edyta Rogowska (Secretary-General)
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