Academic Policy Committee


MEMBERSHIP (2023-2024)

Provost and Executive Vice-President (Academic), Chair, ex officio Professor Christopher Manfredi
Associate Provost (Teaching and Academic Planning), ex officio Professor Christopher Buddle
Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning), ex officio Professor Fabrice Labeau
Vice-President (Research and Innovation) or delegate, ex officio Professor Martha Crago
Trenholme Dean of Libraries, ex officio Professor Guylaine Beaudry
Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, ex officio Professor Josephine Nalbantoglu
Dean of Continuing Studies, ex officio Professor Carola Weil
Director of Teaching and Learning Services, ex officio Ms. Laura Winer
Representative of the Board of Governors Ms. Manon Vennat - 2025

One member from each of the Faculties

Professor Isabelle Cossette (Music Research, MUSIC) - 2024
Professor Axel Hundemer (Mathematics and Statistics, SCIENCE) - 2024
Professor Michael Fronda (History and Classical Studies, ARTS) - 2024
Professor John-Paul Ferguson (Organizational Behaviour, MANAGEMENT) - 2025
Professor Marie Manikis (Criminal Justice, LAW) - 2025
Professor Sandy Phillips (School of Human Nutrition, AES) - 2025
Professor Lisa Bornstein (School of Urban Planning, ENGINEERING) - 2025
Professor Elizabeth Zimmermann (Biological Tissues, DMOHS) - 2025
Professor David Thomas (Biochemistry, FMHS) - 2026
Professor Bronwen Low (Integrated Studies in Education, EDUCATION) - 2026
Three Undergraduate Students Keith Baybayon (Arts)
Vivian Wright (Arts)
Naomi Pastrana Mankovitz (Nursing)
One Graduate Student TBD
One Alternate Graduate Student TBD
One Macdonald Campus Student Vaishnavi Parey
One Continuing Studies Student Katherine Joseph
University Registrar and Director of Enrolment Services (voice but no vote) Ms. Gillian Nycum
Committee Secretary Ms. Katharine Tiitson

Terms of Reference

The Academic Policy Committee (“the Committee”) is a Standing Committee of Senate charged with making recommendations to Senate on all matters regarding academic policy. In particular, it shall, for the University and in consultation with faculties, develop proposals for the establishment and continuous review of academic programs, policies and structures, and proposals relating to teaching, learning, and research. The Committee may create subcommittees or working groups to deal with issues as appropriate.

The Committee shall review academic course and program proposals in order to determine whether they meet academic standards and are aligned with the academic mission and priorities of the University, whether they are based on an adequate body of knowledge, whether proposed teaching or learning methods and methods of evaluation of student performance are satisfactory, and whether the necessary human and material resources are in place.

Specific Areas of Responsibility

1. The Committee or its subcommittees shall review:

   a. existing programs and proposals for new or revised courses and academic programs, considering, as appropriate,   the resources needed to offer these in line with the University’s academic standards;

   b. proposals for the creation, assessment, renewal, restructuring, dissolution and non-honorific name changes of academic entities;

   c. issues and proposals relating to international education;

   d. proposals for teaching and learning policies for the University and for initiatives that enhance the quality of teaching and learning;

   e. ongoing continuing education activities throughout the University and proposals for broad policies regarding continuing education;

   f. the role of information systems and technology in the provision, management, and support of academic programs.

2. The Committee shall advise Senate and the appropriate officers of the University on developments that have implications for the long-term academic planning of the University, on the probable consequences of such developments, and on appropriate responses to them. In order to carry out these functions, the Committee shall keep informed of matters that have implications for academic planning, including developments in the field of higher education and in the public and private sectors.

3. The Committee shall report regularly to Senate on the following matters approved in the name of Senate:

   a. creation, revisions and deletions of courses that are approved by the unit proposing them and by the faculty or faculties in which they are taught;

   b. revisions and deletions of academic programs that are approved by the unit proposing them and by the faculty or faculties in which they are taught;

   c. initiatives for enhancing teaching and learning for the University that are approved by the unit proposing them and by the relevant faculty or faculties;

   d. new student exchange agreements that are proposed by the Office of the Provost.

4. The Committee shall report to Senate on all academic matters relating to teaching, learning, and research, with recommendations on the following:

   a. creation, restructuring, dissolution, and non-honorific name changes of academic entities that have been approved by the faculty or faculties proposing them, and by the Research Advisory Council in the case of new research units;

   b. creation of academic programs that have been approved by the unit, faculty, and, where appropriate, the Council of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and that, in the Committee's opinion, have met established criteria for the University;

   c. changes in degree designations;

   d. adoption and amendment of policies and regulations relating to teaching, learning, and research that have been approved by the University committees proposing them;

   e. adoption and amendment of policies relating to research matters that have been approved by the Research Advisory Council;

   f. adoption and amendment of policies relating to other academic matters under the purview of the Committee.

5. The Committee shall report at least annually to Senate on matters dealing with teaching and learning and other academic matters, and on its activities, concerns and plans for the academic year.

6. The Committee shall meet at least three times per semester during the academic year and may meet during the summer months.


Provost and Executive Vice-President (Academic) – Chair
Associate Provost (Teaching & Academic Planning) - Vice-Chair
Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning)
Vice-President (Research and Innovation) or delegate
Director of Libraries or Trenholme Dean of Libraries or delegate
Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies or delegate
Dean of Continuing Studies or delegate
Board of Governors representative
Chairs of APC Sub Committees
Director, Teaching and Learning Services or delegate
One member from each of the faculties (named by Senate Nominating Committee)
Student members:
   Three undergraduate students
   One graduate student (and one alternate to serve in the member's absence) 
   One student representative of Macdonald campus
   One Continuing Studies Student
Member with voice but no vote: University Registrar and Director of Enrolment Services

Committee Secretary

Source: Senate Minute 98, May 13, 1981
Amendments: Senate Minute 8, September 22, 1993
Senate Minute 49, December 7, 1994
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Senate Minute IIB3, February 19, 2020
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